10 Literary Hashtags Worth Your Attention

Haven’t got the resources to spend a summer at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop? Why not fashion your own cyber community using Twitter? Follow any or all of these hashtag writing exercises and other prompts and you might just finish your novel after all.



1. #FridayFlash

Exercise brevity with these hashtag challenges asking that you get to the point in around 5 words. Or at the most 1000. Flash fiction is a worthy exercise to get perspective on the weight of your words. And it’s also great fun.




2. #BookFaceFriday

Ever feel like you really got into a story? Take it to the next level by posing with your favorite classic books or modern fiction books and use this hashtag to share book-face meld shots easily worth a 1000 words.




3. #AskAgent

Literary agents worldwide are on the Twitter sphere to answer your pressing questions about the writing business. Follow to hear fellow writers’ concerns about publishing as well as what’s happening with new media like digital books.



4. #WritingPrompt

Most workshops recommend free writing to explore lurking ideas, and quick visual or verbal cues can sometimes spawn an entire short story. See where it takes you.    


5. #BookStoreBingo

Booksellers hear the darndest things. And they share them on this hashtag which acts as a compendium of all the strange things people ask bookstore staff. Get to know your future audience.



6. #NaNoWriMo

National Novel Writing Month is probably the internet’s most demanding writers’ challenge. One month, one novel. The community of support though, might be just the thing to make it happen.  



7. #PubTip

Another utility hashtag to get to the details of the publishing business, writers can use it to learn about things like what genres are currently oversaturating publishers, and other market facts.    



8. #WriteGoal

Everyone knows the anecdotes about stating a goal to achieve it. It really does work. So tag your aspirational word counts or chapter completions, and get one step closer to your dream.




9. #ReadWomen2015 (and 2014)

Created by writer Joanna Walsh (@badaude), this hashtag points readers to books, essays and articles about women in the writing and publishing fields.  



10. #WeNeedMoreDiverseBooks

Hopefully we’ll just call it #books one day, but for the moment, follow this hashtag for stories inclusive of more diverse perspectives and cultures.