Studio portrait of happy young woman in winter outfit - christmas sweater and red woolen cap, scarf and gloves, standing with raised arms against brown wooden background decorated with christmas tree lights, laughing at camera.

Starbucks has whipped out its famous red cups. Santa has sprung up on the corner of nearly every street. And Christmas specials are taking the small screen by storm. This can only mean one thing: it’s officially ugly sweater season.

Our social calendar demands that we toss our fashion sense aside and scour the racks at stores for full-on festive eye sores: sweaters that are covered with huge pom-poms, glitter piles, blinking lights, and stuffed animals.

Sure, searching for nightmare-inducing tragedies of yarn and tinsel for National Ugly Sweater Day or over-the-top Christmas parties is a time-honored tradition. However, they’re usually only worn once before their stored away for 364 days or sent to the garment graveyard. So, why not pick out a Christmas sweater that’s actually cute? One that you could snuggle up in on weekends, proudly display in your family’s pictures, or even sneak into your New Year’s wardrobe?

We’ve rounded up 10 adorable, holiday-themed sweaters. We’ve picked subtle pieces that you can rock out until February, but we’ve also included some truly gaudy sweaters that are so eye-catching you’ll want to wear them beyond your ugly Christmas sweater parties.


Silver Spoon Life’s Penguin Ugly Christmas Sweater, Etsy

christmas sweater

Looking naughty has never been so nice. This off the shoulder sweater features silver garland-lined wrists, dangling blue bells, and a soft and glittering penguin with a bulging snowglobe belly that’ll waddle its way into your Christmas sweater collection for years to come.


H&M’s Jacquard-Knit Sweater, H&M

christmas sweater

Forgo those bulky winter layers. Slip into this alpaca wool, cotton-blend sweater with ribbed cuffs. Choose the reindeer design to take your look up, up, and away. Black, grey, or beige diamond patterns also have winter wardrobe staying power.


Forever 21’s Plus Size Snowman Sweater, Forever 21

Chill in this light-weight, ribbed-knit sweater embroidered with a dancing snowman complete with a red and white striped scarf and pom-pom beanie.


Nordstrom’s Fleece Navidad Graphic Christmas Sweater, Nordstrom


This fuzzy sheep is electrifying with its fake reindeer antlers. Plus, the sweater’s wordplay on “Feliz Navidad” will get a grin from even the biggest Grinches.


Vogue of Eden’s Oversized Christmas Deer and Maple Leaves Knitted Sweater, Amazon

christmas sweater

Snuggle up in this oversized, cotton sweater decorated with deer and maple leaves: ancient symbols for lovers that make this sweater a closet keeper until after Valentine’s Day.


Macy’s Melange Snowflake Graphic Sweater, Macy’s

This black and white speckled pullover isn’t just roomy, its abstract snowflake design is subtle enough for weekend present runs and crushing your New Year’s resolutions.


Tacky Ugly Christmas’ A Vision in Pink Christmas Tree Sweater, Etsy

christmas sweater

Look pretty in pink in this salvaged sweater by Debbie McClain. Its silver garland tree is dotted with tiny turtle doves, outlandish ornaments, and working lights. With a bedazzled neckline and feather boa tutu, this sweater is so ugly that it’s cute.


Macy’s Jacquard Deer-Pattern Sweater, Macy’s


Add this down-to-earth pullover to your holiday-event circuit. Spacious and long, it’s the perfect way to prevent Jack Frost from nipping at your nibbly bits. Pair it with holiday-themed leggings for a Christmas-chic appearance.