Alright. Stop, collaborate and listen — to the weather forecasters. There’s a winter blast on the way. They just don’t know exactly where, when, why or who will be most harshly affected. How on Earth will we stay safe, warm and connected?


If you’re plugged in to the latest surge of winter prep products, there’s less need to fear being snowed in or iced out, baby. Check out these 10 sensible, soothing and stylish winter gadgets that could keep you feeling comfy when the climate becomes abominable.


1. The VSSL First Aid/Personal Care cylinder

For use during emergencies such as slips and falls, weather-related car wrecks and power failures when help isn’t coming soon and basic survival instincts need to kick in. The nine-inch aluminum sheath contains 14 ounces of essential survival gear, including: a directional compass; an emergency whistle; antiseptic wipes, bandages and gauzes; antibiotic ointment; aspirin and Ibuprofen tablets; sterile gloves, tweezers and a surgical-grade razor blade; and an LED signal light with batteries included.

2. A pair of Moshi’s insulated touch-screen gloves

To keep your fingers warm and dry while you swipe, dial and type on your smart phone amid blizzard conditions. The gloves’ palms are lined with a trademarked GripTrak weave to prevent handheld devices from dropping when wet. And the fingertips are laced with a proprietary conductive fiber that ensures accurate keypad manipulation through two layers of warmth and comfort. The gloves are made of hand-washable micro-fleece and available in two shades of gray.

3. A pair of ThermaCell’s heated insoles

To maintain foot warmth at temperatures you control remotely. Whether you’re walking to work, hiking snow-blown trails or stranded on an icy roadway, these shoe and boot inserts heat to your desired temperature via wireless remote control and are guaranteed to last for at least 2,500 hours of comfort. The insoles’ lithium batteries fully recharge – in the home or in the car – within four hours. The insoles are water-resistant and available in a wide range of men’s and women’s sizes.

4. Bluetooth-capable ear warmers from 180s

Offering high-definition sound quality whether they’re worn alone or tucked under added head protection. When fully charged – through home/office electrical outlets or via USB cord – the G3 headphones function for up to nine hours and connect remotely with Google and Siri wirelessly for info and directions. Their cushioned foam core fits snuggly to guard against chilly wind and precipitation.

5. CamelBak’s All Clear water-purifying bottle

Helps you stay hydrated safely regardless of where you roam. Frigid temperatures can zap the body of moisture just as easily as extreme heat. This portable purification system can ensure that water from any source is free of bacterial health hazards within 60 seconds.  An ultra-violet light in the 0.75-liter bottle kills germs. And the re-chargeable batteries are powerful enough for up to 80 refills.

6. The palm-sized Sunjack Heat Bank

Simultaneously warms hands up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit  and re-charges mobile devices. When fully charged, the device has output capacity that lasts for three hours. And its egg-shaped design makes it an ideal way to slip into slush-soaked gloves, shoes and socks to swiftly dry them out.

7. The goTenna Wand

Now you can remain connected when inclement weather disrupts cellular service or you find yourself stranded in a remote location. After activation that takes 60 seconds or less, this hand-held device, inspired by emergency rescue operations, becomes a personalized WiFi hot spot and GPS tracking system with a contact range of up to 50 miles. It connects wirelessly to Android and iOS-capable devices via Bluetooth technology. It allows users to send texts and download free maps of locations and destinations.

8. The BACtrack Breathalyzer

Attaching this to your keychain can help estimate whether you’re sober enough to drive on wintery roads, or not. Drinking and driving is never a good idea; and legal levels of liquor consumption while driving vary from state to state. This flash drive-sized device merely offers reliable indications of blood alcohol content (BAC) before you get behind the wheel. Five seconds after blowing into the retractable mouthpiece, the device’s sensors display a BAC reading and transmit it to smart phones.

9. The Brunton HeatSync Vital Vest

This vest warms the body to the critical core without restricting your range of motion. This lightweight armor against the cold can be recharged through a USB connection and provides heat up to 113 degrees Fahrenheit for four hours. The shoulder and rib cage straps adjust to fit adults and children, in case sharing is necessary during winter emergencies.

10. The Cobra JumPack

Power through a winter roadtrip with the Cobra JumPack, which can not only re-ignite a vehicle’s dead battery but re-power mobile devices on the go as well. Though it weighs just 10 ounces, this emergency device packs eight months worth of punch when fully charged. To assist motorists on cold, dark nights, the compact unit has a built-in LED flashlight.