things you absolutely need to stop criticizing yourself for

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? The sorry truth of the matter is that us ladies are far more likely to tear ourselves down than we are to compliment ourselves. It’s just in our nature.

In fact, the average woman criticizes herself a whopping eight times a day, according to a recent survey by Weight Watchers. That’s a whole load of negativity that, frankly, none of us need to deal with. Make no mistakes: Being self-critical is ridiculously unhealthy. What’s more, we knock ourselves for the silliest little things; it’s pretty laughable. Here are 12 things that you absolutely need to stop criticizing yourself for.

1. Having Squinty Eyes in Basically Every Picture

things you need to stop criticizing yourself for

Ugh, we’ve all been there, right? You’re out on the town and the phone cameras are a-snapping. At the time, you imagine that you’ll look nothing short of Beyonce-esque in each picture. Then, the next morning, you wake to find an onslaught of squinty-eyed pictures you’ve been tagged in. It’s annoying, but it’s so not the end of the world.

2. Not Getting Enough Likes on Instagram — #NotFair

Instagram is like a game that nobody ever wins. Trying out a million filters (okay, I’m being slightly hyperbolic there) before settling on the perfect one is a waste of time. It doesn’t matter. You’ll be lucky to get a mere 10 likes. Just remember that it’s all fake anyway. This is something we should never actually criticize ourselves for.

3. Never Being Able to Get Your Eyeliner Even

You’re not alone in this one. Every makeup-loving lady knows this struggle. Trying to put liquid eyeliner on and make sure that it’s even is basically mission impossible. No matter what you do, one side will always be more heavily made up than the other. Look at it this way: Variety is the spice of life. Kinda.

4. Having Massively Noticeable Pores

Why on earth do we criticize ourselves for this one? Here’s a secret you may not know just yet: Pores are 100% natural. We all have them! I know — it’s shocking, right? Mentally beating yourself up because your pores are noticeable is just plain ridiculous on so many levels.

5. Joining the Gym (and Never Once Going!)


Now that the new year is upon us, many of you guys will have started a new gym membership. Have you dared to enter the place yet, though? Us either. Let’s face it: Going to the gym each day is seriously hard… Plus, there are many ways you can work out at home.

6. That You’re Not as Funny as Other Ladies

You may not be on par with Amy Schumer’s level of hilarity, but give yourself a break. Unless it’s your sole dream to be a comedian, it really doesn’t matter how funny you are. If all else fails, crack out a few dad jokes. Everyone loves dad jokes. It’s so not worth criticizing ourselves for this one.

7. Being Less Than a Domestic Goddess

So, you don’t do the laundry every single day or even Hoover more than once a month. Who cares? Your home is exactly that: yours. If you don’t feel like doing the housework, you shouldn’t have to!

8. Eating a Meal for Two… All by Yourself

stop criticizing yourself

When you’re hungry, you’ve gotta eat. You may not have the appetite of a petite bird, but who does? Sometimes, a little gluttony is good for your soul.

9. Getting Lipstick on Your Teeth and Not Noticing

The embarrassment of getting lipstick on your teeth is all too real, isn’t it? Oh, the shame of it! Talk about first world problems. For some reason, we ladies seem to think that this tiny mishap is a deeper sign that we don’t quite have our lives together yet. It’s not. Wipe that stuff off your teeth and move on.

10. Saying Something Genuinely Stupid at Work

I don’t know about you, but sometimes my mouth switches to autopilot and starts speaking before my brain has even engaged. So what if you’ve just revealed that you thought Africa was a country, eh? It’s awkward, but you’ve gotta cut yourself some slack. Everyone says dumb stuff now and then.

11. Failing to Wear Heels Without Screaming in Agony

comfortable shoes

All the most glamorous ladies seem to strut around in high heels as though it doesn’t feel like you’re walking on needles. You don’t get how they do it. Wearing high heels is a special form of torture that no woman needs to put herself through. Don’t stress your little head out if you can’t do it.

12. Drinking That Extra Glass of Wine

Let’s face it, sometimes, we all overindulge. If saying a big, fat “yes” to that extra glass of wine is your biggest problem in life, I’d say you’re doing just fine. Drink up and enjoy the experience for once — minus that niggling voice in your head moaning about it.