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Jewelry is transformative for an outfit, helping to complete a look, make it and even showcase your personality. Small jewelry brands are busy ensuring that customers get exactly what they want with pieces that reflect their interests or serve as inspiration. We’ve put together a short list of some of our favorite affordable jewelry companies, and best of all, they’ll fit into even the tightest of budgets.


Mae Cargo

Mae Cargo combines fitness with fashion to create durable and functional fashion. Designed by CEO Kate Ronca, the company’s slogan is “Making Rad Happen,” which Kate explains, “Means to love your life and crush your goals.”

As a CrossFit coach for six years, Kate’s ultimate objective is to design jewelry for men and women who are active, jewelry that “does not discolor or fade or turn your skin weird colors” when you wear it while you sweat. Kate’s love of CrossFit has taken her back and forth across the United States and all the way to South Africa before moving back to Southern California to make jewelry full time. Still, her time as a CrossFit coach plays a strong role in her designs, including her “Dumbbells + Donuts” pieces.

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GLDN is the new incarnation for Layered + Long. Founded by Chrissy Lavdovsky on her living room floor, Layered + Long began as an Etsy store but has evolved into GLDN, a more realized vision of the original jewelry brand. GLDN makes delicate custom-made pieces by hand in a small studio in La Conner, Washington.

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Since evolving, GLDN’s dedication to craft and quality remains the same. The team handcrafts each tiny piece so that everything is ethical and sustainable. GLDN uses gold-filled jewelry as a more affordable alternative to solid gold products, and most pieces are also available in sterling silver and other metal options.

According to the company, “Our jewelry is meaningful because it can be personalized and custom made to the customer’s liking. We hate the idea of mass-produced jewelry and pride ourselves on making every piece to order.”

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NUUK Designs

NUUK Designs hails from Porto, Portugal and has garnered a small international following. Created by mother and daughter team, Paula and Joana, NUUK combines the backgrounds of the duo, in management and design, into elegant minimalist jewelry. NUUK stands out from the crowd of delicate pieces for the geometric and linear lines the brand uses. Trendy yet timeless, NUUK has branched out from an Etsy store to capture the attention of fashionistas the world over looking for unique ways to make a statement.

Each season seems to bring new inspiration and pieces from NUUK. Dedicated to quality and longevity, most of the collections are made with sterling silver or are gold-plated sterling silver for an affordable indulgence.

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*Featured image: courtesy of GLDN by Long + Layered