Are there ever really enough hours in a day? If you’re anything like me, you hit snooze on your alarm clock not once, not twice, but an impressive three times each and every morning just to enjoy a few more minutes in that glorious, loving bed of yours. With these full plates that we’re juggling, I think it is safe to say that we’ve grown accustomed to “hitting the ground running” as soon as day breaks. So when push comes to shove, why not find a way to cut some time guzzlers in half by changing a few things in our everyday routines — like mastering a few easy hairstyles?


I’ve got your fix. Enter my three favorite heatless, easy hairstyles that you can wear fresh out of your morning shower to out your front door. Are you a part of the nighttime shower group instead? Don’t worry, you can wear each of these styles to bed with a damp head to get the same results, and wake up ready to go. The criteria for these easy hairstyles are simple: They must be complete in under five minutes, they must cause zero damage to your locks, and they must be versatile enough to wear out in public without getting you a single wide-eyed stare. When you’re ready to let your hair down and get to where you need to be, loose, effortless waves await you!




This 4-strand braid pumps up the volume and is a nice change to the classic 3-strand or French braid. Trust me, this is easier than it looks! Here’s a helpful video tutorial on how to do it.

1. Create a deep part in your hair and move all of your hair to one side.

2. Separate your hair into four equal sections, holding onto to each strand carefully.

3. Starting from the innermost strand, mentally number each strand from one to four (the innermost strand being number one, and the outermost strand being number four).

4. Take the innermost strand (strand number one) and put it over strand number two, under strand number three, and over strand number four.

5. With the outermost strand in hand (strand number four), repeat the same weaving pattern accordingly back to strand number one.

6. Continue weaving through the strands until all of the hair is braided. Secure with an elastic band.

7. Pull on the hair in the finished braid to create a thicker, larger braid.




Bonus: This is a trusted nighttime hairstyling method for keeping the frizz and bedtime kinks away, while leaving your hair full of volume in the morning.

Double-bonus: This is a more polished top-knot bun (no bobby pins used here) that still looks cute and messy AND gives you clean, thick waves.

1. Brush hair thoroughly and smooth all of your hair up to the very top of your head, holding the hair securely with your hand.

2. Holding all of your hair up, go to the very top of it to your ends, and begin tightly twisting the hair.

3. Twist hair down into the shape of a cinnamon roll on the top of your head to create a bun. Secure with a hairband. Tip: The looser the hairband you use, the less noticeable the line in your hair will be once you let it down.

4. Pull gently on your bun for desired texture and shape.




This hairstyle is effortlessly glamorous and reminiscent of something you would see out of the 1920’s. As if that wasn’t enough, this is by far the easiest method of achieving heatless curls sans the irons, flexirods, and rollers. Here’s a video tutorial on how to do it.

1. Place a headband loosely over your head to make the shape of a halo, making sure not to tuck it under your hair as you would with a normal headband.

2. Start by working on one half of your hair first. Grab around a one-inch section of hair (grab more for thicker curls), lift the headband gently off of your head, and tuck the piece of hair into the headband, letting it fall loosely with the rest of the hair.

3. Continue grabbing one-inch sections of hair and tucking it into the headband until that side of your hair is completely tucked into the headband.

4. Repeat this process on the other half of your hair.

5. Securely tuck any left over pieces of hair in the back of your head into the headband.

Once the hair fully dries, the finished product should look something like this:


Here’s to getting some time back on our side and major wave-envy from the crowd. Happy styling!