3 Fashion Blogs to Follow for New York Fashion Week

It’s time. If you aren’t in New York, then you need to get there virtually, stat. New York Fashion Week is taking over the web, but where can you get the best views? Here are our picks for the savviest fashion bloggers covering this year’s new black.



1. Scout Sixteen | by Justin Livingston

New York lifestyle blog Scout Sixteen is authored by self-proclaimed, “regular guy” Justin Livingston. With a penchant for whiskey and French bulldogs he scours the city to hunt out the greatest in fashion and décor, as well as sharing sources for his own effortless style.



2. Gabi Fresh | by Gabi

Curves and curls make this gorgeous girl. Gabi’s looks have become iconic in style circles. Check out how one fashionable blogger takes on fashion stereotypes.    



3. I Am Galla | by Adam Gallagher

Not only is this impeccably dressed style icon all about high fashion menswear, he’s also a photographer so his images are scrumptious. Adam covers global fashion with a travel section that includes what’s hot in no less than 16 luxurious locales from Brazil to Italy to Greece and beyond. Did we mention he’s gorgeous?


Favori. 😎🇫🇷 | #Paris

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