jack-o-lanterns, pumpkins, halloween

1. Chatham, MA

Beginning in October, Chatham residents see pumpkin people sprouting up throughout Kate Gould Park. Then, as Halloween nears, the Pumpkin People of the Park dress up for Halloween. Don your best costumes and behold pumpkin people dressed as animals, pirates, scarecrows, lobsters, brides and even as Edvard Munch’s famous screaming figure. Festivities get into full swing the weekend before Halloween and include live music, apple bobbing and even more pumpkin activities. The scenic New England town offers picturesque seasides, quaint B&Bs, and plenty of nearby Cape Cod spots to explore.



Photo by: flickr/MassTravel under license CC BY-ND 2.0

2. Burkittsville, Maryland

Whether you found 1999s low-budget horror film The Blair Witch Project terrifying or not, a visit to the actual forest from the film will quickly fill your bones with eerie chills worthy of a horror movie. There’s no fanfare really. Simply walk into the woods after sunset and stay calm. A truly authentic Halloween experience mandates that you camp out for the entire night. It won’t be so scary in a group, right? What can possibly freak you out in a dark and gloomy forest? Don’t forget to bring a video camera and some tissues.



Photo by: flickr/The Spider Hill under license CC BY ND-NC 2.0

3. Winter Park, FL

Historic towns make the perfect Halloween towns and Winter Park in Florida is one of those. A few miles away from the big-budget, resort Halloween celebrations lies an experience with a little more small town Americana at heart than zombie runs or crypt-filled haunted houses. In Winter Park, Main Street is transformed into a Halloween-land of activities for children along Shady Park, including a Trick-or-Treat Trail and more. Local Rollins College ratchets up the thrills with haunted houses, carnival games, and, naturally, a costume contest, which includes a category for pets. It’s the Halloween town with something for everyone.



Photo by: flickr/greyloch under license CC BY-SA 2.0