Until recently, my make-up routine consisted of foundation that never matched my skin, eyeliner that was never even remotely symmetrical, a swipe of Lip Smackers, and mascara. I’m fair-skinned, and at the old age of 27, I still have yet to understand how to apply blush. I have made some progress, however: I discovered the magic of YouTube’s make-up tutorials.

I was initially turned off by these videos because I knew that I would never, in a million years, be able to mimic them. My first (and last) adventure with contouring was entertaining, to say the least. After a little bit of searching, I found a few gals who break things down in a way that I can almost, almost, almost copy. (Not really.)

I’ve gotten lost in these tutorials for hours, aware of the time that has passed only when the apartment goes dark and I realize everyone’s gone to bed. I’m still no expert, but I’ve picked up the basics — plus some cool tricks — from a handful of beauty bloggers/vloggers who have turned the application of make-up into a stunning work of art. Here are my favorite ladies to watch.


Carli Bybel

Carli Bybel of The Beauty Bybel additionally covers fashion and fitness; but her make-up tutorials are to die for. She addresses a variety of topics, including smokey eyes, contouring, summer tips, and the perfect look for a night out. Watching her on YouTube feels like you’re hanging out with one of the girls, and she leaves no stone unturned. She even demonstrated her nighttime skincare routine to explain how she gets that healthy, vibrant glow.


I think my favorite thing about Nikkie might be her unintentional humor. She’s funny without trying, and I find myself watching her videos just to be entertained. She’s not afraid to go bare-faced for the camera and even recorded a video where she only worked on half her face, to demonstrate just how powerful make-up is. And let’s not forgot the tutorial she shot poking fun of beauty vloggers everywhere.

Lauren Curtis

I discovered Lauren while searching for a make-up technique to give me a more natural, everyday look. That was when I stumbled upon her “Ultimate ‘NO-MAKEUP’ Makeup Tutorial.” True to her word, Curtis provides a simple cosmetics routine that even I can pull off — and that’s saying something.

Katerina Beauty Blog

Katerina’s like the girl next door. She’s cute. She’s sweet. She’s deadly with a mascara wand. I found Katerina while searching for Halloween inspiration. I swore I was going to go out for Halloween, and I was going to go big. I found her Harley Quinn make-up tutorial and got completely wrapped up in her vlogs. So wrapped up, in fact, that I forgot to go out for Halloween…at all. Here’s how she suggests getting the perfect smokey eye.

Danielle Mansutti

One of the biggest challenges to imitating these talented make-up experts is that they’re using some of the fanciest, most expensive make-up and tools on the market. While on the hunt for a tutorial using only the average gal’s cosmetics collection, I found Danielle, who offers an everyday look using nothing but drugstore purchases.

I’ve had a few good evenings with a glass of wine and my favorite vloggers, playing with make-up and trying new things. Who are your favorite beauty bloggers?