Sustainable Choices

Living a mindful life isn’t as complicated as it sounds; it’s really rather a matter of simple choices and small changes. Here’s a list of baby steps to reduce your carbon footprint and show your love for the planet.

1. Pick up trash

Walking to work, on your way through the parking lot, anywhere you spot it, just toss it. Done. You’ve earned eco-karma.


Photo by: flickr/Bart Everson under license CC BY 2.0



2. Turn off H2o

When brushing your teeth, turn off the tap. Doing that twice a day will save 200 gallons of water a month!


flickr_JoeShlabotnik_water faucet

Photo by: flickr/Joe Shlabotnick under license CC BY 2.0



3. Buy 100% recycled paper

It looks and feels the same. Every 20 cases of recycled paper you buy saves 17 trees, 7000 gallons of water, 390 gallons of oil and 4100 kWh of energy.



Photo by: flickr/MTSOfan under license CC BY-ND-SA 2.0



4. Shop vintage

Textile production sadly has one of the largest carbon footprints. CO2 emissions, greenhouse gases, kWh of electricity can all be greatly reduced by reusing fabrics, and clothing instead of disposing and buying new.



Photo by: flickr/Brad.K under license CC BY 2.0



5. Buy local vegetables

Whenever possible, patronize local agriculture either by participating in a vegetable co-op, or shopping at your local farmer’s market. Co-ops offer great variety because they deliver what’s in season, and that means you get to experiment with what’s in season. It also means keeping a local economy and naturally better-tasting vegetables.



Photo by: flickr/Allen Sheffeld under license CC BY 2.0