tropical island

It wasn’t until recent years that I discovered the value of traveling. I’ve hardly ventured outside my place of residence, and a never-before-used passport rests forever in my purse. I don’t know if it’s the surplus of gorgeous jetsetter photos I see every time I log into Instagram, or the sudden realization that I actually have the freedom to get up and go; but the itch to travel has never been so strong.

If you’re ready to finally use some of those vacation days that have been piling up, how about going tropical? And I’m not talking about some tourist-packed hot spot. Think secluded. Think remote. These private islands offer a once-in-a-lifetime getaway that you’ll be challenged to find elsewhere.

1. Isla Espíritu Santo

Isla Espíritu Santo

Image by Sam Beebe/Flickr

Take a boat from La Paz, Baja, or perhaps make it a day trip via kayak. Snorkel amongst the sea lions, swim with the tropical fish, and enjoy the company of pelicans and dolphins. Just don’t plan on meeting the locals, because the place is uninhabited. Voted by Travel Magazine as having some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Isla Espíritu Santo is sure to satisfy your case of wanderlust.

2. North Mokulua Island

private islands

Image by Floyd Manzano/Flickr

Beyond Waikiki is the town of Kailua, where you can travel by kayak to North Mokulua Island, one of twin islands. Row your way through Kailua Bay to this protected bird sanctuary, with a breathtaking view of the 34-mile-long Ko’olau Mountain Range. Go snorkeling to explore the underwater lava formations and mingle with the crabs, turtles, and dolphins.

3. Guana Island, British Virgin Islands

private islands

Image by Nina Hale/Flickr

In terms of private islands, this one is really private. This island has a maximum capacity of 32 guests! This rule was made both for privacy and preservation reasons. Long story short, you can rest assured that you’ll enjoy this paradise’s seven beaches, one tiny resort, and 850 glorious acres in absolute peace. In fact, the island’s tagline on its website is, “Imagine the Caribbean before it went public.”

4. Cousine Island


Image by Jean-Marie Hullot/Flickr

This dreamlike destination in the Seychelles has recently undergone a renovation and will open to guests in April of this year. Located just below the equator, it accommodates only up to 12 adults and six children. It is considered one of the most untouched granitic islands of the Seychelles and values conservation and ecological importance.

5. Isla de sa Ferradura

Ibiza, Spain

Image by whatleydude/Flickr

This island is located just off the coast of Ibiza, Spain. Checking in at 14 acres, the resort has a hacienda, kitchen, pool, and wine bodega. Bask in its 300 days of sunshine each year and soak in the view of the Mediterranean. If you want to rent out the island, you might need to save up: It costs a whopping $230,000 a week.

What’s at the top of your list? Book your flight and go see the world!