Chiliphilly hats

Most of us follow favorite brands or celebrities on social media, but we’ve found some of the most interesting posts out there belong to designers, artists, and regular people with something to say, even if it’s not entirely clear what that is.

Here are five weird social feeds you should follow for daily inspiration. You’ll quickly develop an appreciation for the unique labors of love put forth by the creative and, sometimes, strange people out there in cyberspace.

1. chiliphilly 


Melbourne-based textile artist Phil Ferguson treats his followers to a steady dose of crocheted hats. What’s so special about that? They’re all ingeniously based on food and he models them with a hilarious, sometimes deadpan candor that’ll have you sharing his work over and over.






2. My Daguerreotype Boyfriend

daguerreotype bf

As their homepage clearly states, this Tumblr is “where early photography meets extreme hotness.” A collection of old photographs of handsome men known from history, as well those whose names have been lost to history, but whose likenesses have survived to be appreciated by cyber- literary types decades later.





3. Texts from Your Ex 


We’ve come a long way from the Dear John letter politely breaking up a relationship when things ran their course. Follow this Instagram for hilarious screenshots of texts from exes. Angry, clueless, and sometimes creepy, this collection confirms again that we humans are a strange breed.




4. Jinushikeisuke 


Consider it a study in loneliness? Deconstruction of social media narrative? Citizen of the web Keisuke Jinushi paints his fingernails and takes pictures at the exact right angle so that it looks like he spends his life with a doting girlfriend when, in fact, it’s just him and a decent manicure.




5. Garfield Minus Garfield 


We round out our list with the most existentially preoccupied Tumblr of our countdown, Garfield Minus Garfield; and that’s basically all you need to know. Follow this stream of posts that depict actual Garfield comics, except with the lovable cat removed from the scenes. What’s left is the empty existence of Jon Arbuckle. Yeah.