woman rock climbing indoors

If you’re anything like me, variety is the spice of life, and something that isn’t challenging or engaging will quickly fail in holding your interest. This is especially tricky in finding a physical activity you love that keeps you healthy. It was five minutes after I took up running when I said, “Meh. No.” I feel your pain, and that’s why I share with you this brief list of sports you never thought to try. They’re mentally and physically tough, and they’ll keep you coming back for more.

olympic weightlifting and crossfit

Krav Maga

Krav Maga includes techniques from aikido, judo, boxing, wrestling, and more, making it an all-encompassing, constantly varied sport. It teaches you excellent self-defense while simultaneously keeping you in great shape. Anyone can find pleasure in mastering the basic movements of Krav Maga. It’s challenging and fulfilling, and you may very well find yourself hooked to it. (And if you’re a Crossfire series fan, you know that Eva Tramell took Krav Maga lessons – which means that it’s definitely cool.)

Indoor Rock Climbing

Another physically demanding workout is indoor rock climbing. With an added measure of safety and surveillance, you can really focus on your technique and progress. It takes incredible control, stamina, and efficient use of your own body strength. You make think you need to be lifting weights to get buff, but indoor rock climbing proves you have options. But, if you do prefer to pump iron, this next sport is for you.

Olympic Weightlifting

Ah, yes. My personal favorite. I started Olympic lifting more than three years ago, and I’m still in love. Progress is slow, and you really have to fight for it; but that’s what makes it so addictive — the constant fight. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you need cardio to stay lean. Olympic lifting will get you in the best shape of your life, and you’ll feel better than ever. A win win! Plus, you’ll feel like a total badass throwing a ton of weight overhead.


Barre has been picking up steam lately, and there’s a reason why. Based in dance (although this is not dance), practicing bar promises to help you build long, lean muscles, like a ballerina. Many people have claimed to notice a difference in their tone within the first week. Barre targets hard-to-reach muscles, and anyone can do it, regardless of age, weight, or experience. Much of barre consists of bodyweight exercises, but sometimes you’ll find light hand weights and resistance bands.


These girls can’t hide how much fun they’re having. If you need variety, then dance lessons could very well float your boat. Jazz, ballet, contemporary, tap, hip hop (like in the vid above) — there’s something for everyone. Learn to express yourself through the art of motion, and feel more confident in your own skin. I promise that you can have two left feet and still enjoy the benefits of dance. This former dancer of 12 years can attest to that. (Note: If you’re feeling extra spicy, look up pole dancing classes near you. Oo la la!)