It’s easy to go overboard during the holidays. Whether splurging on gifts for others or gorging on treats yourself, excess is everywhere. To counteract the frenzy, bring a sense of calm and sophistication into your home by visually decluttering your décor and opting for a minimalist aesthetic. Step away from the glitter, put down the multi-colored lights and go for simplicity with these chic and modern holiday decorating ideas.

First Things First

There is a place for your great aunt’s nutcracker collection, purple Christmas tree ornaments and sentimental snow globes: in storage. This might sound harsh, but the minimalist approach to holiday decorating is about letting go of the conventional and commercial. It’s about creating a retreat from the over-stimulation, over-consumption and manufactured joy of the season in your home, and replacing it with real joy. Trying out more natural materials, clean lines and less garish colors can make for an eco-friendly and peaceful experience during those moments of holiday stress.

A Nearly Naked Tree

A wise poet (Joyce Kilmer, to be specific) once said, “I think that I shall never see/a poem as lovely as a tree.” The tradition of the Christmas tree is a celebration of nature, light and love. If you observe Christmas, let your tree breathe. It’s tempting to smother its branches with an abundance of lights and ornaments, but a little restraint goes a long way, both aesthetically and philosophically. A few strings of white lights and simple white or natural ornaments bring out a tree’s natural beauty. Leave the millions of colorful twinkling lights to Clark Griswold and Rockefeller Center, and go for a more minimalist approach with your spruce this year. Learn to love your tree in all its natural beauty.





Origami Stars

Whether big or small, hanging on the tree or dangling from a window, origami stars are an understated way of channeling your holiday cheer. Plus, they’re eco-friendly; you can simply recycle them at the end of the season. If you’re not averse to DIY projects, try making a simple five-pointed star or go for this more elaborate 3D variation. If you’re strapped for time, order some of these stunning stars made from vintage genetics books on Etsy.






Au Natural


Source: Blog Her

Look to nature for inspiration. Natural elements are symbols of growth, rebirth and the great mysteries of the world, all things that become top of mind during the holiday season. The intricate form of a pinecone or the imperfections of a cranberry are beautiful enough to celebrate in their own right, but they’re made even more beautiful when strung together in garlands. A simple strand of these beauties tacked to the wall or hanging from a Christmas tree will instantly lift your spirits and make you glad you didn’t go straight for the tinsel. If you decide to make your own cranberry garland, listen to Martha Stewart and use dental floss instead of regular string. The cranberries will slide on like a dream.



Shine Over Glitter



Just say “no” to glitter. Instead, go for elegant metallic accents that catch the light in a more sophisticated way. Open wire sculptures are an updated and modern take on traditional shapes. We love these wire trees from CB2, which would look beautiful grouped together or scattered throughout your home. Made with brass straws, this geometric wreath from HRUSKAA is a modern alternative to the traditional wreath. It’s so elegant and understated that you could even leave it up all year without bothering the neighbors.