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Have you ever felt disenchanted by the daily grind, specifically work, and fantasized that you could leave it all behind for something exciting, adventurous, or different? I’m sure there are many of us who have been caught slightly slack-jawed and staring into space, picturing ourselves hundreds of miles away and/or working at a dream job.

Did you know that some people get paid to sleep while others look after exotic islands? All around the world, people are finding incredible job opportunities that sound too good to be true. Yet they’re not. Here is a list of six amazing (and real) jobs to help fuel your daydreams. Who knows? Maybe they’ll cause you to throw caution to the wind and pursue your own dream career.

1. Aurora Borealis Monitor

incredible job opportunities

How would you like a short-term contract for getting paid to spend your days searching for the Northern Lights and enjoy perks like sleeping in an ice hotel or glass igloo? This dream may have recently become someone’s reality. Travel + Leisure Magazine recently reported that the Arctic Snow Hotel in Finland was looking for an Aurora Borealis Monitor. An adventurous spirit and love for the cold weren’t the only requirements, however. The successful candidate would need a sufficient scientific background for predicting when and where this ethereal mosaic in the sky will appear.

2. Bed Tester

Many jobs leave employees feeling tired and out of energy, but there are others that can help rejuvenate you. Becoming a professional bed tester is an opportunity to literally sleep on the job! Unfortunately, these positions aren’t flooding career-seeking search engines, but some lucky individuals do find companies and hotels that are in need of testers. Tasks include checking pillows for support and mattresses for comfort.

3. Pet Photographer

pet photographer

In a world that loves to immortalize each moment in a photo, capturing images of our fur babies is just as important as family photos and selfies. Pet photographer is the job for those who like to make something cute look cuter. Of course, having patience, a laid back attitude, and some canny photog skills will also come in handy.

4. Professional Calligrapher

Do you receive compliments for beautiful penmanship? All around the world, artists and creatives are paving paths as professional calligraphers. An elegant handwritten note adds a special touch that is usually not ignored, and calligraphers are hired for a number of jobs from addressing event invitations to designing company logos. Of course, this position isn’t anything new (dating back to the beginning of written language), but it is a career that many overlook due to the increased use of computer technology. What are the perks other than getting paid to write lines of art? Many calligraphers are also freelancers, meaning they have the freedom to live and work anywhere in the world.

5. Island Caretaker

great barrier reef

In Queensland Australia, a couple fortunate people have actually landed what’s known as “the best job in the world.” What does a job like this look like? Days snorkeling, hiking, exploring rain forests and blogging about islands on the Great Barrier Reef. And Australia isn’t the only place to make this dream has come true. Companies around the world have hired ambassadors to promote and watch over beautiful and fascinating islands, getting paid anything from free lodging to a six-figure salary.

6. Professional Bridesmaid

These days, you can hire anything for your special day, including a gal pal to stand by your side. These women do everything a real bridesmaid is supposed to do, from helping in the planning process to making the day more fun. And they come in handy when the original bridesmaids become pregnant, sick, or when friendships end. As a professional bridesmaid, it’s important to remember that the party can only go so far and at the end of the day, this is still work.