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While we can probably all agree that there are some beauty products that we can’t live without, we ultimately know that achieving great skin starts with good, consistent habits. And much like a regular skincare routine, these changes will require some upkeep to make noticeable changes, but simply consider it as part of a daily routine to maintain your best skin possible! Here are six simple lifestyle changes you can start making today, for skin that will start to glow tomorrow.


1. Wash your face with “soft” water

At least 85% of water in the U.S. is hard water. What’s hard water? It’s water that has a high dissolved mineral content. The high mineral content prevents soap-like products from creating a rich lather and allowing substances to properly dissolve, which ultimately leaves a soapy residue on our skin. The residue that’s left can lead to clogged pores, skin irritation, and even acne.

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While it might feel a bit strange, try using a bowl of distilled water or bottled water to wash your face. It may just be the trick in finally healing your acne. You’ll also want to cleanse your face and neck with distilled water after you’ve showered, as the residue from your shampoo and conditioner is likely to be left on your face and possibly clogging pores.


2. Wear your hair up while you snooze

The natural oils in our hair, not to mention the products we put on it at night, throughout the day, and even shampoo and conditioner, can all end up on our skin. Products that end up on our face can clog your pores and cause irritation, and means you might wake up with unwanted breakouts. To avoid this, keep your hair out of your face by putting it up into a loose ponytail or bun before bed.


3. Invest in silk pillowcases, and wash them weekly

The smooth fabric of silk works wonders at keeping the skin’s moisture intact, preventing creases and wrinkles, unlike cotton which causes more friction and resistance. A hypoallergenic silk pillowcase further works to ensure the fabric won’t irritate the skin. Other benefits of silk? It adjusts to your rooms temperature, keeping you cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and leaves you hair silky smooth in the morning.

It’s extremely important to wash pillowcases on the regular, too. We spend the bigger bulk of our days collecting oil, grease, and dirt that gets left behind on our pillowcases and ends up accumulating and spreading even more bacteria on our face. Pillowcases should get a good wash at least once a week to avoid transferring all of that grime back onto your face.


4. Wash up before and after your workout

If you choose to forego cleansing your face pre-workout, you risk clogging your pores by sweating up against all of the oil, dirt, debris, and makeup that is on your skin. Even when you use a towel to wipe away your sweat after a good workout, if you didn’t start with a fresh face, you’re actually pushing dirt and debris further down into your pores, leading to enlarged pores, collagen breakdown, and future breakouts.

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Alternatively, if you skip a post-workout shower, or at least a good hair rinse, you’re allowing the sweat build-up to sit on your hairline and clog pores. Aim to wash up within half an hour of your workout, and while it’s tempting to run errands in your fashionable gym wear all day, be sure to change out of sweaty workout clothes right away.


5. Start sleeping on your back

Unfortunately, there is such a thing as “sleep wrinkles”, and they form once skin is constantly compressed against your pillow night after night and also causes decreased elasticity. Sleep  wrinkles disappear on younger skin, but are there to stay with aging skin. The key to preventing them is sleeping on your back. Not only does sleeping on your back prevent wrinkles, it also allows for clearer skin (because skin isn’t in constant contact with the dirt and bacteria on your pillowcases or sheets throughout the night), firmer skin, and even better back alignment.


6. Wipe your cell phone down regularly

 Our cell phones are easily one of the things with which our hands are in contact most throughout the day. And though it’s not visible to the human eye, our phones are covered in  bacteria. When you push your phone against your face to make a call, you put your skin in direct contact with that bacteria, and the pressure causes you to sweat and trap oils in the process. If you use headphones to make your calls, the dirt and oils from your phone still accumulates onto your hands, making it to your face sooner or later. Excessive cell phone use can even effect the definition of your jawline, as there is a constant downwards tug on the delicate lower skin of the face.

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Ideally, phones should be cleaned daily for clear skin. Spritz a microfiber cloth with alcohol and wipe your phone down all over. In addition to that, remove your case and thoroughly clean the rest of your phone once a week.