gilmore girls revival

For many of us, the charmingly odd town of Stars Hollow is our fictitious second home. The Gilmores’ fast-paced, coffee-fueled dialogues got us through the good times and bad. What with the departure of writer and creator Amy Sherman-Palladino after season six, the finale left us all feeling a little unsatisfied and in need of some answers. Luckily, on November 25th, we may just get them because Gilmore Girls will be coming back to our screens for the first time in almost a decade (thanks, Netflix). Here are just six things that we need to happen in the revival.

1. We Get to Say a Final Goodbye to Richard Gilmore

Rory’s grandparents were often vilified, and yet in the case of Richard, this seemed unfounded. Despite occasionally stepping out of line, like when he first met Dean and launched into a character assassination across the dinner table, he was generally a decent, caring character. Tragically, the world lost the brilliant actor who played Richard, Edward Herrmann, on New Year’s Eve, 2014. Tackling this subject won’t be easy; but much like the fictional characters, lifelong fans of the show will need closure.

2. Rory Choosing to be…Alone

Since the revival announcement was made, the internet has been alive with commenters taking bets on which guy Rory will choose. She’s had many suitors including the ever-boring Dean, bookworm bad boy Jess, and rich kid Logan. But wait — what if Rory doesn’t need a man to complete her story arc at all? As a strong, smart, career-orientated girl, it would be a disservice to the character to simply have her tale end in cheesy rom-com fashion.

3. Christopher Taking Some Responsibility for His Actions

While the characters cooed over the guy and forgave even his most heinous of crimes (e.g. leaving Lorelai to raise Rory alone), Christopher Hayden got to waltz around like a sheer man-child. At the end of season seven, his ex-fiancee Sherry has run off to Paris to pursue her career, and he’s left in New York looking after his second child, Gigi. If we want redemption, he will have changed dramatically in the revival and become a true father figure to at least one of his daughters.

4. Kirk Moving Out of His Mom’s Home


With 62 jobs under his belt, Kirk was doubtless as the classic oddball type. When you put that into the context of Gilmore Girls, it means that he was the kind of guy who’d run around naked while having night terrors and then film, produce, and star in his own short movie. The many quirks of Kirk were all part of his charm, and there’s just one thing we’d all love to see: He needs to move out of his mom’s basement. While he briefly attempted to buy the Twickham House for he and Lulu, the 30-something-year-old never actually moved out.

5. Hep Alien Finally Getting Some Recognition

It would have been too cliche to have season seven end with Hep Alien getting a record contract or being “discovered” by execs in a downtown New York bar. Gilmore Girls was never about giving the audience a predictably tied-up ending. Still, if we return to find that Hep Alien still exists, despite the fact that Lane and Zack now have at least two other very important priorities, you’d hope that the band would be something of a success. Maybe the band will have taken on a new genre of music; maybe Zack will finally get to explore his love of bluegrass. In any case, it’s intriguing to see what happened to these guys, musically speaking.

6. Luke and Lorelai’s Dream Wedding

The Luke and Lorelai storyline was at the center of the series — and simultaneously at the center of all our hearts. His slow and stable demeanor was the perfect accompaniment to her eccentric, frantic personality. From the very first season, the chemistry between the two of them was abundant and the audience watched in wait of their very first kiss, which came in the season four finale. Like any on-screen romance, theirs was a rocky one. Over the course of the next few seasons, the two of them split twice and, of course, got back together twice too. As predictable and sickeningly sweet as it may be, we’re all holding out for their wedding.

Bonus: The Long-Awaited Final Four Words

Shrouded in myth, Amy Sherman-Palladino supposedly always knew what the last four words of the show would be. Fans were distraught when the writer never had the chance to finish the series her way after she left the show. Since she’s back on board, after more than a nine-year wait, we may finally know what those words were.