7 Apps That Keep Social Good in the Palm of Your Hand

Social good is now possible from the app store! In fact, here’s a list of seven free apps that help improve your karma by just doing what you already do.

1. Charity Miles

Do you walk or run every day?

Charity Miles tracks your miles and a corporate sponsor will donate $0.25/mile to your charity of choice. Not a fan of running? The app tracks cycling miles too.



2. Social Impact

Know before you go.

Social Impact educates you to what local business, restaurants and stores are doing to reduce their environmental impacts, and other socially-conscience decisions for the whole community. Patronize places that support sustainable and conscious choices.


Social Impact App



3. Shout

Size doesn’t matter.

If everyone gives a little, it adds up to a lot. This simple theory is put to use on an app that allows you to give a micro-donation, or “shout” to non-profits of your choice.



4. Feedie

Keep a child from going hungry.

Go from being a foodie sharing shots of your plate to a foodie whose snapshot sponsors a child’s school lunch. With Feedie every food photo shared from a participating Feedie restaurant, equals a donation for a child’s school lunch.




5. SafeNight

Make it safe for others.

Domestic violence is unpredictable and shelters fill up quickly. SafeNight is a new app where you can help pay for someone’s safe night out of an abusive situation. From the app you can make an immediate donation to help fund a hotel room for the night, for someone who otherwise has no place to go to escape an abusive situation.


SafeNight App screengrab




6. Recyclebank

Recycling for points.

Rack up reward points for being environmentally-friendly. Set reminders so you never miss a recycle day. Discover what can be sent to specialty recyclers. And bonus, each time you recycle, you rack up points that you can redeem in stores and in the app. Here’s how it works.




7. Wooftrax

Dog walks that impact more than health.

Ideal for pet owners, this app turns walking your dog into a fundraising mechanism for your local shelter. Right before you begin your walk, just hit the ‘start walking’ button to track it. Guess what? No dog needed; if you want to use the app to walk for dogs inside the local animal shelter or rescue, you can do that, too. Read how it works, here.


wooftrax app screengrab