Jewelry is dangerous, because you can never have too much. Before you know it, you have enough pieces to open your own boutique. The best part is digging to the bottom of your jewelry box and finding something you completely forgot you ever had. It’s like Christmas morning. It kind of feels like you’re going shopping at your own private store.

You love your feathered earrings and your lightning bolt ear cuff; and you swear you’re going to bring back the ‘90s with your favorite black choker. But what are the day-to-day essentials? We’ve compiled a list of the jewelry must-haves — the basic pieces that can complement a great variety of outfits and take you from the office to drinks to dinner. Here are the seven pieces of jewelry that every gal should buy herself.

1. A Sophisticated Watch

You don’t really need a watch anymore; if you want to know the time, you look at your phone. But nobody can deny the utter class and impeccable style of a woman in a beautiful watch. The market presents an endless variety of styles; you can go for a statement watch, something sleek and chic.

women's jewelry

2. The Delicate Necklace

It’s that dainty piece of jewelry that you can wear with just about anything, from a cocktail dress to leggings and your favorite v-neck. It’s not much of an attention-grabber, but when people finally take notice, they appreciate its subtle sophistication. This Sydney Evan arrow pendant necklace is plain enough to go casual; but the rose gold and black diamond embellishment give you the freedom to dress it up.

women's jewelry

3. A Cocktail Ring

The perfect cocktail ring isn’t just for drinks. Flaunt this day and night, business casual to your little black dress. It works well on its own; or if you’re feeling a bit more jazzy, you can combine it with rings on your other fingers.

women's ring

4. Earrings With Attitude

Bold earrings that make a statement might not be an everyday addition to your ensemble; but you’ll certainly be glad you have them when you’re feeling more adventurous than usual. The Fantasque Drops from Anthropologie add a wonderfully vibrant splash of color without becoming overwhelming.

women's earrings

5. Hoops That Go With Everything

On the other end of the earring spectrum is your pair of simple, everyday hoops. Whether they’re gold or silver, you really can’t go wrong. It’s an elegantly muted touch that pairs perfectly with any outfit and hairstyle.

women's fashion

6. Something Turquoise

Whether it’s a chunky ring, stacked bracelets, or a dangling necklace, a piece of turquoise is another must-have in your jewelry box. The Serene Sea handcrafted necklace brings a special something to any outfit, with its artistic detail and perfectly flawed color pattern.

women's necklace

7. Understated Diamond Studs

Your collection of jewelry isn’t complete without a pair of no-nonsense diamond studs. Diamonds are timeless — they’ll never go out of style. And if you’re ever unsure of where to turn, head to Tiffany & Co.

diamond studs
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