unicorn toast

Between the drool-worthy burger porn and the perfectly plated, gourmet oatmeal, Instagram is food heaven, serving up the hottest food trends in real time. Whether you’re looking for healthy eats, sinful desserts, or gorgeous garnishes, we’re offering you seven food trends that’ll keep you coming back for more — so sharpen your taste buds and ready your camera.


Charcoal Ice Cream

Welcome to the dark side, where you can feed the blackest part of your soul by devouring Goth Ice Cream: jet-black soft serve that’s piled sky-high into a waffle cone and topped with unicorn tears, rainbow-colored sprinkles, or Fruity Pebbles. Colored with activated charcoal, the ‘universal antidote’ for drug overdoses and acute poisonings, this sinister-looking sweet may detoxify your body.  Though the activated charcoal is almost flavorless, it’ll turn your lips and teeth 50 shades of gray. Luckily, that’s nothing a little black lipstick can’t hide.


Gourmet Burgers

Tomato jam and cheddar sauce and bacon mayo, oh my! We’ve entered the Golden Age of gourmet hamburgers. Americans no longer have a beef with beef because of lower meat prices, higher average wages, and a thumbs-up from the wellness community. On average, we chow down 57.1 pounds of ground beef per year. From fiery red buns filled with hot sauce to vegan burgers that bleed like real meat to hamburgers that are stuck onto drinking straws, we’re in for a permanent patty party.



We’ve officially hit the peak of the unicorn food trend: the tippy top of a sparkly rainbow where “Friendship is Magic” is on repeat and the clouds are candy-coated. Delicate golden lashes, spiraling horns, frosted manes: from unicorn-pizza — a giant sugar cookie with cotton candy tufts —  to pastel-colored noodles, when it comes to this fantastic beast, seeing truly is believing.



3, 2, 1, Blast Off: the galaxy food trend is out of this world. After professional baker Heather Baird ‘grammed her Black Velvet Nebula Cake — she was inspired by a “couple of Hubble Space Telescope picture books” — Instagram-savvy bakers began posting cakes, cookies, donuts, macarons, and even hamburger buns that resembled the final frontier. These intergalactic sweets are created with star-shaped sprinkles and food coloring. The galaxy food trend will make you feel like a deity: you can hold the whole universe in your hand and eat it in a single bite.  So, don’t expect it to disappear into the black hole of cyberspace anytime soon — the force is very strong with this one.


Smoothie Bowls

Smoothie Bowls 101: Add cool toppings. Find recipes online at BW!

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Say hello to cereal 2.0: smoothie bowls. A blend of avocados, frozen fruits, nut butter, and seeds of all shapes and sizes, this A.M. smoothie upgrade can be eaten with a spoon or slurped through a straw. Put it inside of a carved out fruit like a coconut or pineapple then top it with frozen berries or edible flowers to kick-start your morning or your Instagram feed.


Fancy Oatmeal

Because roughly 50 percent of millennials are trying to eat clean, porridge has gone posh. Whether it’s topped with peanut butter, frozen berries, eggs, or yes, even goat cheese, oatmeal is the stuff of diner’s dreams. It’s affordable, easy to make, gluten-free, nutrient-dense, and vegan if you use nut or soy milk. This “breakfast comeback kid” is also something of a media darling — there are approximately 2.5 million photos of fancy oatmeal on Instagram. So, if you’re looking to win the Golden Spurtle for the world’s tastiest oats, we’re sure that you’ll find plenty of food-spiration.


Non-Traditional Toasts

Thinking of ideas for snack? Try this: Corn cakes on dreamy coconut cream with avocados and berries

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Whether you’re into fairy, unicorn, or mermaid toast —  the mythical toast triad made with food coloring, cream cheese, and loads and loads of sprinkles — or you’ve become a sweet potato toast convert, one thing is certain: the greatest thing since sliced bread is, well, toast. With nearly three million toast posts and counting, you’ll find your breakfast happy place.