7 Songs to Inspire Your Story

Some writers swear by music and others need perfect silence when creating. Whatever your writing process, these songs can help energize you, transport you to another world for a moment, and help you focus on getting your story out. Listen online before or during your writing session and feel the music move you.


Brave Sara Bareilles


“Say what you wanna say. Let the words fall out.” Sara Bareilles’ wisdom when it comes to love and bravery applies to writing, too.


Nothing Else Matters Metallica


Let everything else slip away. It’s just you, your characters and your story.


You and Me Penny & the Quarters


Ryan Gosling himself suggested that director Derek Cianfrance use this undiscovered demo track as the leitmotif in Blue Valentine. The raw vocals of Penny will make you feel all kinds of feelings.


Tongue Tied Grouplove


For when the story is on the tip of your tongue, but you need a little oomph to get the words on the page, turn on this exuberant pick-me-up.


Ritual Union Little Dragon


A writing ritual can help trigger inspiration, too.


What Makes a Good Man? The Heavy


Ask yourself questions as you write, particularly about your characters.


Ave Maria Céline Dion


And if you’re still stuck, a little divine intervention could do the trick.