9 Wildlife Rescues on Instagram You Want to Follow

Get a daily dose of adorable when you follow this list of wildlife rescues. And then share them on your social media to bring awareness to the amazing work these organizations do to help animals.



1. Black Jaguar White Tiger Rescue

Promoting animal rights to an audience of over 2.4 million followers, add these guys to your feed for a steady stream of spectacular big cat adventures.

Instagram: @blackjaguarwhitetiger | www.blackjaguarwhitetiger.org


2. Greenwood Wildlife Rescue

Few things are as adorable as tiny woodland creatures needing a helping hand. Greenwood Wildlife is an animal rescue site caring for roughly 2,300 critters a year, across 135 furry, fuzzy, cuddly species. Instagram: @GreenwoodWildlife | www.greenwoodwildlife.org  



3. David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is considered the most successful elephant and rehabilitation rescue in East Africa. Unfortunately, these majestic creatures are still widely poached, along with their not-too-distant-cousin the Black Rhino, endangering both species. This rescue’s “Orphan’s Project” works to reintegrate orphans back into the wild in Tsavo.

Instagram: @DSWT | www.sheldrickwildlifetrust.org



4. BatsQLD Flying Foxes & Microbats Inc.

Bats fall under the category of “so ugly, they’re cute.” And a few minutes on this feed will have you convinced. A self-funded volunteer group, its members are dedicated to educating the public on bats and flying foxes. They work diligently on habitat conservation projects, and the rescue and rehabilitation of injured, ill and orphaned bats up until release back into the wild. Instagram: @BatsQLD | www.batsqld.org.au  

In the name of everyone at BatsQLD, Pantaloons says thank you and gives a big hug to everyone who has made a donation. With the help of all our followers who were donating, liking and sharing our pictures and spreading the word, we raised an incredible amount of $5407 during the month of May! We were really overwhelmed by this positive response. You guys are fantastic! Those vital funds will cover the cost of food for our furry friends for the entire year and takes a heavy weight off our carer’s shoulders who cover all expenses out of their own pocket. Over the last year, we did more than 400 rescues and had 300 animals in crèche at the end of baby season. Every furry patient needs approximately 300g of fruit per day and will usually be in care for a couple of weeks – which means a lot of fruit chopping and a big expense. Thanks to you, financially, we are now all set up for the next year and the upcoming baby bat season. We will keep you posted on our work, with more pictures and stories about our furry friends. A photo posted by BatsQLD (@batsqld) on



5. The Kangaroo Sanctuary

A lima bean – that is the size of a baby Joey when born. The Kangaroo Sanctuary is 90 acres of bushland home to 25 kangaroos. All lovingly cared for by Chris ‘Brolga’ Barns, the star of Kangaroo Dundee by AGB films. He hopes to build the first wildlife hospital in Central Australia on the grounds of this sanctuary.

Instagram: @TheKangarooSanctuary | www.kangaroosanctuary.com


Love my morning milk! #kangaroodundee #NTaustralia #RedCentreNT #SeeAustralia #

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6. International Animal Rescue

Literally meaning “person of the forest,” orangutans are rapidly losing their rainforest habitat to make way for community growth, farming, and industrial modernization. The International Animal Rescue (IAR) aims to rescue and rehabilitate orangutans stolen from their mothers, locked in captivity, or otherwise displaced. Instagram: @IARorangutanRescue | http://www.internationalanimalrescue.org/  



7. Zoological Wildlife Foundation

Looking through this gorgeous feed run by an accredited wildlife expert is definitely the next best thing to going there. Zoological Wildlife Foundation (ZWF) in Miami offers its followers an array of stunning imagery and video footage of the diverse animals living there.

Instagram: @zwfmiami | http://zoologicalwildlifefoundation.com/




8. Humane Society New York

We know, we know…we said “wildlife” rescue, but without fail these dogs and kittens are wild at heart! For over a century, the Humane Society in New York has been housing, caring, and re-homing dogs and cats to loving families. In fact, they are responsible for helping a staggering 38,000 dogs and cats every year. Instagram: @HumaneSocietyNY | http://www.humanesocietyny.org/  

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