ways to prepare oatmeal

Warm, creamy oatmeal is a fantastic go-to any day of the week; but there are plenty more ways to prepare this dish than simply adding hot water or milk to oats. Fruits, seeds, nuts, and a variety of milk substitutes can turn your morning comfort food into healthy, vitamin-packed meals that can even be taken on-the-go. The following ideas and recipes will help anyone step up their oatmeal game; you will even be able to use them to create cool summertime treats.

1. Overnight Oats

This is the way to gain flavor without the fuss. Part of the reason why overnight oats are so fantastic is that they are easy and quick to make, and ready to eat in the morning. Simply add water, milk, or your milk substitute to quick-cooking oats and place them in the refrigerator for 8-12 hours. The quantity of liquid added will vary per recipe, but the general rule of thumb suggests equal parts of each. Also, incorporate spices, sweeteners, and fruits for added flavor.

Healthy tip: dashes of spices, like cinnamon or vanilla, will curb the need for sweeteners.

Sunday is a special day and deserves special breakfast I eat nice creams everyday during the summer even with the porridge. So today special edition (looking like a mosque): raspberry overnight oats with yoghurt and berries topped with banana, raspberry and cherry icecream I am in heaven Wish you all wonderful sunny Sunday (and for all my Portuguese friends – wish you wonderful rainy Sunday cos I know this is what you wish ) #breakfastinspo #healthybreakfast #veganbreakfast #highcarbvegan #rawbreakfast #rawvegan #vegan #icecream #nicecream #nicecreambowl #bananaicecream #porridge #oatmeal #overnightoats #bircher #birchermuesli #parfait #veganparfait #cleandiet #cleaneating #veganeats #instavegan #foodstylist #veganfoodshare #letscookvegan #feedfeed #gloobyfood #bestofvegan #raspberries

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Choc Mint Overnight Oats Who doesn’t love dessert for breakfast ❤️ Oats don’t have to be boring, and they’re perfect to prepare in advance for the week. So you can just grab and go in the morning I made using @natvianaturalsweetener stevia to keep them nice and sweet (just the way I like it) without the calories. So good I also added some cacao nibs after the fact for some extra chocolatey crunch Stir through some protein powder as well if desired , to keep you fuller for longer Choc Mint Overnight Oats 1/2 cup oats 1 tsp chia seeds 1-2 tsp granulated stevia (to taste) @natvianaturalsweetener 1 tsp psyllium powder 1/2 cup almond milk 1/2 cup water Place in a container and give it a good shake. Put in the fridge overnight. Divide Cacao – stir through 1-2 tsp cacao powder Mint – add peppermint extract to taste and matcha or greens powder for colour Layer as desired and top with fruit *Optional – stir through some protein powder

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2. Lay on the Layers

Oatmeal is satisfying; but eating the same bowl day in and out will turn boring after a while. Create dessert-like masterpieces by layering oatmeal with fresh fruits, seeds, nuts, and puddings or smoothies. Layering inside mason jars or tall dessert glasses will add to the aesthetic appeal — who doesn’t love beautiful presentations? Not only will your meal look magnificent, but the different layers and textures will be fun to eat.

#Repost @frei_style (@get_repost) ・・・ Hello Lovelies, Sunday family parfaits are in order, today we had: mashed papaya, red currants, overnight oats, coyo mixed with beet powder, topped with frozen currants and more berries! Have a beautiful Sunday peeps, it’s going to be a rainy day here, so we will stay cozy all day The editing is inspired by lovely Kati @blackwhitevivid and her Lightroom presets! _________________ ____________________ ___________________ #breakfast #breakfastparfait #parfait #papaya #redcurrant #oats #overnightoats #enjoyplantpower #fruitlover @foodie_features #f52grams #foodpic #lovefood #feedfeed #gloobyfood #bbg #vegan #veganlife #bestofvegan @bestofvegan #chiapudding #foods4thought #sweatwithkayla #thatsdarling @beautifulcuisines @kayla_itsines #beautifulcuisines #thekitchn #realsimple #lovefood #howisummer #canonphoto #canonswitzerland

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3. Got Chia?

Cut back on the oats and add a tablespoon or two of chia seeds for the added nutrition. Though small, they provide a powerful punch of nutrients, from fiber to protein to omega 3s and bone-friendly calcium, as well as antioxidants. The trick with chia seeds is the time they’re left soaking; they become more gelatinous and filling the longer they are left in the liquid.

Healthy tip: add chia seeds at night to overnight oats for extra thickness and nutrition.

4. Oatmeal Smoothies

Sometimes, breakfast is best enjoyed out of a cup, and oats work great as additions to smoothies. Blend them with fresh fruits, milk, water, and/or yogurt and enjoy right away, or store the smoothie in the fridge so it’s ready to grab on your morning dash out the door.

Healthy tip: smoothie bowls are perfect for languid, late risers looking for a healthy pick-me-up while reading the morning paper. Prepare the smoothie a little thicker (with more oats, coconut milk, and/or yogurt) and cover them in fresh fruits, shredded coconut, dark chocolate bits, maple syrup, or any other favorite toppings.

Pink oat & peanut butter smoothies with extra fruit load for a very good morning! Ingredients for the smoothies: * half cup oats soaked in half cup water until the liquid is absorbed * half cup oat milk * half cup coconut yoghurt * heaped tbsp hello honey Wild Peanut butter * two fresh dates (or one tbsp maple syrup) * two big handfuls of berries of choice (I used strawbs and blueberries) . . . this awesome smoothie recipe is from @oatmeal_stories follow her for more! #veganlifestyle #pinksmoothie #berries #peatnutbutter #peanutbuttersmoothie #oatmealsmoothie #veganlife #oatmeal #awesomesmoothie #plantbased #plantbasedsmoothie #dairyfree #berrysmoothies #wednesdaymotivation #smoothielife #smoothierecipes #smoothierecipe #peanutbutterrecipe #love #energy #fruit #gains #protein #thewildpeanut #wildpeanut

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5. Swapping Out Water for Added Creaminess

Speaking of coconut milk and yogurt, adding one of these two ingredients will make your oats extra creamy and smooth. For best results, use Greek yogurt, pure coconut milk (not the milk substitute, which is normally watered down), or half an avocado. Keep in mind that pure coconut milk isn’t sweet, so adding some brown sugar, honey, maple syrup, agave, or other sweetener will be a nice complement.

Feeling blue[berry] that it’s Monday? Well, ch[erry] up because it’s MONDAY and you have the power to make this week what you want it to be! Let’s live up this moment we’re in we make our realities what we want it to be, and my reality right now is diving into this Maca Cauli Chia Oats bowl the best fuel after a sweaty run and lift! Got a wonderfully packed day of art ahead (signed up for another figure drawing class!) but before I go, not one, but TWO recipes will be on ze blog today so check it if you dare ✌️tell me: how are you finding positivity in your day today? – – || dEATs: Maca Chia Cauli Oats (recipe on the blog today!) || Toppings: Cherries + Blueberry + cacao nibs + @artisanaorganics cashew butter + cinnamon || • • • • • #todayfood#buzzfeast#buzzfeedfood#runner#cleaneating#food4thought#huffposttaste#functionalfood#bbgcommunity#f52grams#goodmoodfood#brainfuel#happyeats#realfood#healthyfoodshare#iamwellandgood#goodmoodfood#thefeedfeed#spoonfeed#foodporn#holisticnutrition#feedyoursoull#fitfam#droolclub#maca#oatmealbowl#breakfastbowl#healthychoices#eatforabs#intuitiveeating

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6. Grate to Make It Great

Bananas have a fantastic texture for oatmeal and can be added at the beginning of preparation, but other fruits turn mushy when left in liquid too long. Apples can be a hit or miss, especially when sitting in oatmeal for too long; but they add a deliciously sweet flavor. Instead of adding apple chunks directly to your oats, grate them first. Add fresh apples on top just before eating, for the added crunch. You can also try carrots and coconut!

Because the heat is reallllll in NYC today, I had to cool down with a smoothie bowl loaded with all the goods after a sweaty 5 miles! Woke up this morning with a heart so full after spending the day with my peeps brunchin’, laughin’, farmer’s marketin’, and the like. Today’s another busy one (off to a food fair!) but it will be loads of fun! Also shout out to anyone participating in the Pride march today- I love you and am there in spirit 110% of the way have a fabulous Sunday, you beautiful humans, you! – – – || dEATs: Choco-Cherry smoothie bowl: steamed/frozen zucchini + cauli + cherries + cacao + strawbs + almond milk || Toppings: cacao nibs + coconut + chia seeds + Brazil nuts + cherries + almond butter drizzle || • • • • • #healthyfoodshare#todayfood#buzzfeast#buzzfeedfood#runner#eatwellbewell#eatclean#wholefoods#foods4thought#huffposttaste#foodpornshare#foodgawker#functionalfood#organicfood#f52grams#realfood#cleaneats#iamwellandgood#nutrition#thefeedfeed#spoonfeed#foodporn#feedyoursoull#eatrealfood#feedyoursoull#smoothiebowl#smoothies#holisticnutrition#almondbutter#holistic

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Happy Monday, frandz! what better way to start off the week than with carrot CAKE?! I feel like I hit the goldmine with these overnight oats- quite literally! This bowl hit the spot after my run by the water this morning and #S2BM strength session! It was the perfect amount of sweetness from the banana and cinnamon, and I added a secret ingredient to make these oats anti-inflammatory Check the recipe below Of course, I needed an extra kick in the booty with some caffeine and healthy fats from @rebbl cold brew coffee (no sugar, just straight up organic coffee, coconut milk, and MCT oil ). Feeling recharged and ready to tackle the week! What’s everyone’s Monday goal?! • • • Ingredients: •1/2 cup @bobsredmill GF oats •1/2 cup @califiafarms unsweetened almond coconut milk •1 tsp organic cinnamon •1 tsp organic vanilla extract •1 tsp turmeric + 1 pinch black pepper (for absorption) •3 tbsp grated organic carrot Mix ingredients together and let sit overnight in the fridge. In the morning, top with banana slices, coconut, cacao nibs, chia seeds, and your favorite homemade nut butter! #glutenfree #overnightoats #carrotcake #rebbltribe #mondaymotivation #vegan

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7. Chunky Monkey Oats

There aren’t many flavor combinations that blend as nicely as banana, chocolate, and peanut butter. Add these ingredients to your oats the next time you prepare them, whether on the stove top or blended and left in the refrigerator overnight. Then, sprinkle mini-sized dark chocolate morsels, crushed peanuts, and freshly chopped bananas on top before digging in.

Oh you know, just enjoying some Chunky Monkey 🙊🍌Oats this morning 😍 These were unbelievable! 😳 Thanks for the inspiration Ben & Jerry, but I think mine are a little healthier 👍 Here you’re looking at some chocolate 🍫 peanut butter 🍯 banana 🍌 protein oats complete with sliced banana 🍌, double chocolate chunk 🍫 @questnutrition bar chunky monkey chunks 🍫🙊, @pbcrave coco bananas 🍫🍌🍯, and real Italian NUTELLA! 🍫🍯 Oh my gosh guys, these were unreal!!! 🙌 Let me know if you want the recipe…and trust me, you will! 😁 #chunkymonkeyoats #takethatbenandjerry #youaintgotnothingonme #allkindsofchunkporn #peanutbutter #chocolate #banana #pbcrave #nutella #proats #oatporn #oatmeallove #oatobsessed #pbaddict #peanutbutterlover #questbars #questbaraddict #onaquest #iifym #iifymgirls #eatforabs #eatcleantrainmean #girlswithmuscle #gainbowl #flexbowl #carbporn #fitfam #fitness #nutrition #fitpbqueen

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8. Slow-Cooked Oats

Find your favorite oatmeal recipe and place all of the ingredients in the slow cooker at night. Leave the oats cooking on low until the morning and wake up to an aromatic house and a hot bowl for breakfast. Like anything that simmers for a long time, the oats will be infused with the flavors of the extra ingredients.

Healthy tip: recreate the classic recipe “peaches ‘n cream” by adding vanilla to the oats before cooking and fresh peaches on top after it’s done. Also, swap out the “cream” for vanilla-flavored yogurt and add a spoonful or two on top.

9. “Steel” Back Your Week

Prepare five to seven days’ worth of oatmeal in advance and store them in air-tight jars in the refrigerator. The Kitchn recommends cooking steel cut oats on the stovetop and turning the heat off as soon as the oats begin to bubble. Leave them covered overnight on the counter and place them in jars the next morning, where they will sit and continue getting more delicious until breakfast time.