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Being fit is about more than stopping by the gym once a day. It’s about leading a fit lifestyle, which means working activity breaks into your hectic schedule – walking instead of driving to lunch, hitting up a yoga class before happy hour, or throwing on a pair of tennis shoes on your way home from work for a quick jog.

Gretchen Rubin, a researcher and writer who studies happiness, calls this the strategy of convenience. She notes that “to a truly remarkable extent, we’re more likely to do something if it’s convenient, and less likely if it’s not.”

And when it comes to developing the habit of an active lifestyle, I’ve found that one huge inconvenience has always been wearing clothes that look great but aren’t really conducive to movement. About a year ago, I made the switch to a more comfortable wardrobe to better reach my fitness goals, and I haven’t looked back once.

Ready to become an active lady? Start with your closet.

Make Workout Leggings Look Great

leggings jacket and hat

My fave Zella Live-in Leggings in Navy | Photo: Kevin Rechkoff

They slim your legs, make your butt look amazing, and can be easily disguised — that’s right, you can wear workout leggings on the daily!

If you’ve never owned a great pair of leggings, check out Zella’s Live-In Leggings. They’re some of the most affordable, best-quality workout leggings that can easily be worn with a nice top around town or even out for drinks.

And if you want to spend a little bit more, there’s always Lululemon Athletica or one of these alternatives. Trust me: A great pair of yoga pants lasts forever, if cared for properly, and it’s totally worth the investment!

Layers Are Your Friend

shopping for layers

Hmm, this Woolrich plaid would look great over a pair of leggings! | Photo: Kevin Rechkoff

There’s nothing better than getting complimented on your sweater all day when you know that underneath, you’re just wearing a sports bra. The key to outfit versatility is really all in the layers.

Depending on the weather, I like to base most outfits with a light tank, then throw on a cute button-down or off-the-shoulder tunic. Over that, I’m all about the flannel or oversized sweater, which tends to look hipster-chic or tomboy cute.

When I do go for a hike or adventure during the day, I can always take off my sweater, or even change into a workout top and put on a sweatshirt or jacket that I don’t mind sweating in. Then, just a brisk walk and swipe of deodorant later, I’m back in business.


bangles and rings

Bangles and a ring dressing up my button-down. | Photo: Kevin Rechkoff

Jewelry, scarves, and hats are the details that make every outfit pop — even one that seems boring to begin with.

Scarves are one of my favorite accessories because you can wear them all year round, and they inevitably add an element of warmth, texture, and color. Throw them on over your tank top and you’ll be ready for errands!

Jewelry never fails to glam up the daily grind — add some gold detail to your neck, hands, or wrists for a look that says, “I’m polished.”

Hats hide gym-hair and somehow just add so much personality, which is fun. Also, there are seriously new trends happening all the time in the hat department — this spring, it’s bucket hats!

lipstick comfortable outfit

Lipstick adding the final touch to my comfy look | Photo: Kevin Rechkoff

And finally, when in doubt: lipstick.