happy woman applying makeup

There’s nothing quite as great as splurging on a high-end beauty item. Exception: when you save money on a drugstore brand and it looks just about as good as the high-end item. So if you’re looking to work your beauty into a budget-conscious life, here are several beauty tutorials that show you how to make the most of affordable beauty products.


Drugstore and Affordable Makeup Tutorial

Amy-Rose Walker


In this tutorial, Amy-Rose shows you how to use primer, cream contour, highlighter, fake eyelashes, and lots more. In it, you’ll learn some of the “fancy” makeup tricks like contouring and highlighting using products that won’t break the bank as Walker makes use of common brands like Maybelline.


Full Face Drugstore Makeup Tutorial & Affordable Brushes


KathleenLights makes use of common, affordable brands like NYX, Rimmel, and E.l.f. By the time she’s done, she has a flawless, classic look with gorgeous nude shades and an attractive double cat eye, proving the perfect look is still within reach when you’re working with a budget.


Cheap Makeup Tutorial


The theme of this tutorial is “nothing over $5” and the products mentioned all come from a 5 Below store. Beyond money-saving tips, this tutorial also points out which products wore best throughout the day, so you’ll learn how to save time in your makeup routine, too.


Last Minute Affordable Party Makeup Tutorial

Kaushal Beauty

If you’re on a tight budget and need a stunning look for that upcoming party, you’ll want to give this tutorial a look. If you can follow these steps, your results will be a sharp, sculpted look that’s easy on your wallet.


Easy Affordable Makeup Tutorial on Brown/Dark Skin

Toni Olaoye

Different skin tones come with different color and product considerations, so this tutorial is great is you’re looking for drugstore brands that work well with darker skin. This tutorial will get you a bright, highlighted look with a stunning cat eye.


Easy + Affordable Back to School Makeup


This tutorial is for a soft, natural makeup look making it perfect for anyone who wants to make a stunning first impression, not just for going back to school.


Affordable Makeup Tutorial

Patricia Bright

If you’re calculating your budget down to the pennies, you’ll love this tutorial that breaks down how affordable makeup can be by the day. You’ll find accessible products like L’Oreal True Match. With affordability and ease in mind, this keeps the product list down to 10 items.


Full Face Drugstore vs. High-End Makeup Tutorial

Christen Dominique

Given that all these tutorials thus far feature drugstore brands, you may be wondering just how these match up to the high-end products. This tutorial provides a side-by-side comparison of drugstore makeup and more expensive products. Spoiler alert: there’s far less of a difference than you’d think.

Full Face Using Only Five Affordable Products

Denitslava Makeup

Sick of beauty tutorials that have dozens of products mentioned for a single application? This tutorial keeps the cost down by only using five products, all affordable drugstore brands like L’Oreal and Rimmel. It’s kept simple by using concealer, powder, a sculpt and contour kit, mascara, and lipstick only.


Everything $1 Tutorial

Bronte Jones

Keep it dollar store cheap with this tutorial. Everything mentioned was found for a buck at Shop Miss A including product steals from brands like Malibu and L.A. Colors. Even with products at this price point, you can achieve a smooth, highlighted look.