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If there’s ever a time when you want to be comfortable, it’s when you’re traveling; but what if you don’t want to sacrifice your sense of style so that you can feel good during your flight? How do you combine your impeccable taste in fashion with your desire to rest easily while you’re racing through the terminals and then thousands of feet in the air? Don’t worry — all fashion is not lost in the quest for convenience. Here are five airport attire musts for your next trip.

1. A Cozy Pair of Flats

Sure, you can rock a pair of heels; but when you’re walking on the hard tile floor of the airport and then sitting for a five-hour flight, you’ll be wishing you had been nicer to your poor feet. Find a pair of flats that are on the softer side but still provide a bit of support. You can go as fancy or as simple as you want. The  Rita flats from Barneys New York are easy to style and offer a feminine flair.

ballet flats in a box

2. Leggings or a Pair of Chic Joggers

Leggings provide the ultimate in comfort while still leaving you the option to dress them up. You can pair them with a plain tee or jazz them up with your favorite silk blouse. And when you’re stuck sitting for hours on end, you’ll be glad you wore something that lets you wiggle in your chair a little more freely. American Apparel leggings have a solid reputation for longevity.


If you’re looking for something with a bit more give, these Alexander McQueen sweatpants will do the trick.

3. The Perfect Oversized Sweater

Tighter tops might flatter your gorgeous figure, but they’re bound to feel restricting in the confines of an airplane. Instead of snug jackets and shirts, opt for an oversized sweater or cardigan. Style Bop has got the right idea with a travel-perfect knit sweater. Cozy and casual— two of our favorite words.
Beautiful girl in a knitted sweater on the background of a beaut

4. A Long, Full Scarf

The purpose here is twofold. Not only do scarves beautifully complement a variety of outfits, but they double as excellent pillows mid-flight. When your eyes are feeling heavy and you’re ready to take a snooze, that big, wraparound scarf will really come in handy. As an added bonus, scarves are easy to take from cold weather to warm; so if your travels find you in a different climate, you can still hang on to this part of your ensemble. Try an Italian wool scarf from J. Crew — it goes with everything.

woman with scarf

Image via Pixabay under license CC0

5. A Billed Hat for Privacy

A billed hat is the equivalent of a “Do Not Disturb” sign. Pull this over your eyes, and you can rest assured your neighboring passengers will give you some quiet time. Try something with a soft, flexible brim, like the Eugenia Kim Genie Franny Hat. Not only will you look model-ready, but you’ll be able to rest comfortably in your seat with it on.

floppy black hat
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