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Summer is here and if you’re not spending every day at the beach, you’re doing it wrong. Check out our roundup of beach bags below, pack your favorite with all of your summer essentials, find the nearest body of water (even if that body of water is a kiddie pool in your backyard), and live your best life.


the silicone beach bag

One of the best things about silicone beach bags is they’re completely waterproof. What’s even better than that is silicone beach bags actually repel sand. Silicone as a material is super durable and is wipe-able and washable so you’re not tracking sand all over your car. These silicone beach bags are super affordable and come in several different neon colors.


the sneaky beach bag

Perhaps my favorite beach bag of the bunch, PortoVino has a collection of bags you can take from the office (sans alcohol) to the beach (obviously with alcohol). With the PortoVino bag, you can conceal and carry two bottles of wine (or 1.5 L of margaritas, if you’re like me) in its insulated pocket. The bag even comes with a pouring spout so you can pour your alcoholic beverage straight from it. If you’re not into breaking the law and drinking in public, the bag is fully usable to carry other boring things, like your sunscreen and your beach towel!


the clear beach bag

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There’s nothing worse than digging through your beach bag to find your fav pair of sunnies when there’s sand all over your hands, the sun is in your eyes, and they’re buried somewhere in the bottom — that’s where clear beach bags come in handy. These clear beach bags come with a full zipper closure so all of your belongings are safe and sound. This bag works especially well if you’re attending a summer event that requires a bag check as security can see right inside it.


the cooler beach bag

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If you plan on having a complete beach day, you’re going to need some refreshments, and that’s where a beach bag with a cooler compartment comes in handy (unless you like paying $14 for beach french fries). With a cooler compartment, you can pack an entire picnic with food and drink without anything overheating or going bad in the sun. We found this cooler bag, and the amazing thing about it is the cooler compartment is completely separated so you don’t have to worry about your sunscreen mixing with your sandwich.


the super cute beach bag

If you’re more concerned with fashion over function (guilty), you might want to pick up a beach bag that can easily be transitioned from the beach to the bar on those long summer days that quickly and unexpectedly turn into long summer nights. My favorite type of beach bag to transition from day to night is a straw beach bag with embroidery, pom poms, or tassels. These bags look perfect and can actually help to dress up a simple beach-y outfit.