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Sometimes, it’s hard to splurge on yourself ; you might try to cut corners on your beauty regimen to save some time and money. While it’s fine to do your own hair and makeup for certain occasions, some treatments really do require a professional hand. Here’s our short list of beauty treatments you just shouldn’t do yourself.


Hair cut

Don’t cut your hair yourself. There’s a reason why hairstylists receive the amount of training they do – “because cutting hair ain’t easy.” I learned this the hard way. For a few years, I cut my own hair and did my mother’s. I was becoming quite a pro, at least so I thought. However, confidence turned into cockiness because one fine day, I did the unimaginable to my hair. I decided to try something new with my tresses and read about how to do layers online. The end result: my layers were uneven, if you could even call them layers. I ended up trying to level everything off and call it a day, but it didn’t look right; I had destroyed my lovely lady locks.

hair cut

A distressed me hopped into the car and went down to the local salon in an effort to fix the ruination – it only made matters worse because they had to cut off a great deal of hair to fix the problem. I was crushed when I looked into the mirror and saw my long, luscious locks were gone, gone, gone. Learn from my mistake and see a pro next time you want to try a new cut.


Dark to light hair

I religiously went to the salon (as I should have) and shelled out lots of my hard-earned money to turn my hair from a natural black color to blonde. I would let it grow out a little too much and have black roots with near white-blonde hair. Looking back, it looked ridiculous. I finally went back to my natural hair color, which was easy to do and I matched my color perfectly myself. I couldn’t be satisfied with that, though.

hair swatches

About a year later, I had an itch to give myself caramel highlights. I followed the directions precisely, but when I rinsed my hair, I noticed it was yellow and orange, and not caramel at all. My highlight-placement skills were a bit off as well. I had no time to fix it because I had to go to work in about an hour. Never again will I try to go blonde on my own, and neither should you.


Chemical peels

A rule of thumb for beauty treatments – if it has “chemical” in its name, it’s best to leave it to the experts. Chemical peels are effective at making the face look more youthful. It helps to reduce sun damage, age spots, and scarring. However, the abrasive chemicals used can burn your skin or cause a serious reaction if not done properly. After you mess up a chemical peel, you’ll be thankful for those age marks when you finally get the irritation to subside, so be safe and get it done by a professional from the start.

chemical peel


Acrylic Nail Removal

After getting acrylic nails done, I decided that instead of getting them filled or having them professionally removed, I would do it myself. ”I am a beauty DIY expert,” I thought to myself. I grabbed a butter knife and popped each one of my nails off, not surprisingly leaving huge holes in my real nails. Afterwards, my nails didn’t grow out at all, so I had short, stubby, holey nails that I waited for quite some time to let grow in naturally.


Take it from me: spend the money and get your nails removed professionally! Once you do the damage from pulling the nails off, you’ll be stuck with an unfixable disaster for weeks to come that isn’t worth the time or money you saved.