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Are you going to layer on your warmest winter clothes and brave the Black Friday crowds? I applaud you. I’ll be shopping from the safety of my home office, drinking coffee and generally avoiding everybody. Either way, if you want to get your hands on some of the best Black Friday deals, snaps for you for being a savvy budget-shopper. Do you know where to find the best discounts? Because we’ve got ’em.

Even the toughest Black Friday shopper shouldn’t hit the stores or scan the interwebs without a plan in place. Instead of aimlessly wandering from door to door or web page to web page, know ahead of time where you’ll find the best holiday discounts. According to Forbes, these are some of the retailers offering the best Black Friday deals, and the markdowns they’re offering.

  1. Kohl’s — 66.3%
  2. JCPenney — 66.3%
  3. Belk — 62.8%
  4. Stage — 60.8%
  5. Shopko — 55.9%
  6. Bealls Florida — 52.8%
  7. Sears — 50.1%
  8. Macy’s — 45.6%
  9. Fred Meyer — 43.9%
  10. AAFES — 37.3%
  11. All retailers — 37.1%

WalletHub listed many of the same, and also included several more of their own.

  1. Fred Meyer — 43.9%
  2. Amazon — 36.8%
  3. Target — 36.2%
  4. Kmart — 35.8%
  5. Walmart — 34.2%
  6. Best Buy — 30%

See their full list here — there’s plenty to choose from. Whether you’re looking for electronics, toys, office supplies, or something else entirely, odds are there’s a retailer somewhere offering serious discounts, which means you save major cash.


Last year, shoppers spent a whopping $682 billion on Black Friday. Expect long lines out the door; and if you’re one of those people who camps outside the night before, well, bring snacks. This day is not for the faint of heart. If you plan on visiting stores in person, please shop responsibly, don’t push any grandmas, and always say “please” and “thank you.” Enjoy the markdowns, friends. Happy Black Friday!

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