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My name is Megan, and I’m addicted to food porn. Ugh. It feels so good to get that out. I’ve lost an embarrassing amount of time I’ll never get back to scrolling through food pics in my Instagram discovery tab. Instagram is so sneaky about it, too. It’s all, “Come on, Megan. Just five minutes.” Three hours later, you’re watching a video about how some bakery in Bonnieville, Kentucky makes cream cheese churros. It’s a slippery slope. It was only a matter of time before I stumbled upon the viral Instagram page @dontexpectsalads, which chronicles some of the best eats in NYC.

I love New York and I love food; so it only makes sense to salivate over @dontexpectsalads several times a week. I was so moved (read: hungry) that I got in touch with Lindsey Metselaar, AKA @lindzmetz, the brain behind the foodie Instagram page. I found a kindred spirit who loves to talk about food just as I do; so I picked her brain about her past with food and more.

Beyond Words Magazine: What’s your favorite food and place to eat in NYC?

Lindsey Metselaar: My favorite foods in NY are bagels and pizza. I have yet to have better bagels anywhere other than Murray’s. My favorite pizza is Joe’s Pizza or Bruno Pizza, which I’m lucky to have nearby.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder… of this bagel!!! @murraysbagels #dontexpectsalads

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Nothin like a make your own pizza situation @brunopizzanyc #dontexpectsalads

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Never not on point @joespizzanyc #dontexpectsalads

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BW: What’s the most daring food you’ve tried?

LM: Probably rabbit — which tasted just like chicken!

BW: What do you refuse to eat?

LM: I reuse to eat salads. They’re just so boring! So dry, and I feel like a goat eating them.

BW: What’s one food you’ve never had that you’re dying to try?

LM: One food that I’m dying to try is probably the famous prime rib burger from Four Charles Prime Rib. It became famous in Chicago at their other restaurant Au Cheval.

BW: Have you ever met a grilled cheese sandwich you didn’t like?

LM: I certainly have not! My favorite grilled cheese in NYC has got to be The Press Shop on Bleecker and Broadway. I love when it’s a combination of a lot of amazing cheeses and not just one.

Home is where the grilled cheese is #dontexpectsalads

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Slam dunking into Sunday #grilledcheeseandtomatosoup #dontexpectsalads

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BW: What food trend did you hate?

LM: I didn’t love the “chicken parm pizza” trend, or the “cookie dough” trend. Although some food may photograph really well on social media, those didn’t really do it for me in person.

BW: What’s your favorite cuisine, and why?

LM: I’m going to have to go with Italian or American. I have more of a simple palate, and as a result I love traditional pasta dishes, or American dishes like burgers and sandwiches.

BW: What’s your guilty food pleasure?

LM: FRENCH FRIES! I can’t get enough. I also loooove candy — sour straws, airheads, gushers, you name it!

Insane!! Have you tried @bouncesportingclub notorious BRG? Ingredients on their post #dontexpectsalads

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BW: Why do you think people are so obsessed with food porn?

LM: People are obsessed with food porn because it LITERALLY makes you salivate. It’s the best performing thing on Instagram other than girls in bikinis!

Keepin it classic with a little black and white swirl with rainbow sprinkles #dontexpectsalads

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