makeup in a compact

Every decade — every year, actually — is marked with its own memorable make-up trends that come and go. The ‘90s were packed with brown lipstick, blue eyeshadow, and body glitter. The turn of the millennium presented mineral make-up and everything retro. (Hello, winged eyeliner!) What did last year leave us with? Here are the best makeup trends from 2015.

1. Thicker, More Dramatic Eyebrows

It wasn’t that long ago that super thin, precisely tweezed eyebrows were the way to go. 2015, however, had all the girls reaching for their eyebrow pencils to achieve fuller, thicker, longer brows, a la Cara Delevingne and Lily Collins.

You’re gorgeous just the way you are; but if you’re looking to amp up your brows, there are countless YouTube tutorials demonstrating just that. The key is to find the right products and the proper tools. With a little practice and patience, you can have the eyebrows of your dreams. This eyebrow tutorial is very easy, straightforward, and shows you how to achieve the look in just a couple of steps.

2. Over-Lined, Extra Kissable Lips

2015 was, without a doubt, the year of the plumped up lips, making this one of the best makeup trends, no doubt; and I can’t think of a woman who wouldn’t mind having the pout of Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson, or Amanda Seyfried.

Countless products hit the market all promising fuller lips, and girls went a bit nutty trying to pull off the Kylie Jenner look. (Remember when her lip kits sold out in under a minute and the Internet almost collapsed? She restocked the product and it sold out almost immediately again.)

There are ways to get this look with no pain and without having to drop a ton of money. If you want to skip the needles (eek!), give your lips a little love with a few simple steps added into your morning make-up routine. This tutorial makes the process of over-lining your lips super easy, using inexpensive products you can find at your local drugstore. Affordable, fast, and fun! I’ve had the best luck with matte lip pencils that are pretty close to the natural color of my lips, just a few shades darker. Anything glossy not only bleeds and smears, but the real outline of my lips is way more obvious.

3. The Art of Contouring

This is one that still has me scratching my head, and I am in absolute awe of people who skillfully pull this off without flaw. My face always ends up looking dirty. Clearly, I still have work to do.

I feel like, for the average gal, contouring and highlighting are a lot tougher to master, especially since they often require special brushes. This tutorial breaks it down into more manageable steps, again using products that can be purchased from drugstores and Target.

Experts are already making their guesses for what the best makeup trends of 2016 will be, and it looks like blue eye make-up and glitter might be making a return. Are you going to be a bit daring with your cosmetics this year?