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Let’s talk about sleep, baby. Be honest. Are you getting enough? Probably not, if: someone snores way too loud, flops from side to side all night, hogs the blankets or drags their workday baggage into bed like a soggy duvet. Sleep deprivation doesn’t help when you’re paying the cost to be the boss at the office, the gym, or the carpool lane.

The good news is that you actually can twist the “snooze or lose” equation in your favor without medicinal aid. But it’ll still cost ya. Business is booming for innovators in the deep sleep industry, and it’s truly in your best interest to buy in. Here, we’ve selected six items to help you get the best sleep money can buy.

Ghosts in “The Machine”

The launch of Casper’s new dual-layered pillows haunts competitors because they uphold the “snooze control” mystique that the brand’s mattresses have generated.

Casper Pillow

The Casper Pillow | Image Courtesy of ©Casper

Sound Asleep

Without the need for headphones or the threat of disturbing a bedmate, the Dream Pad pillow emits soothing musical vibrations through the inner ear via a wireless connection with smart phones.

dreampad pillows bed

All four sizes of the Dreampad pillows | Image courtesy of Dreampad

Siesta in Sync

Consumer Reports ranks the Ikea MORGONGÅVA (queen-size) mattress among the market’s best for ease of movement and lowest disturbance of a partner’s peaceful slumber. Bonus: It’s one of the few Ikea items outside of the food court that doesn’t require assembly.

couple sleeping in bed

Dryer Sheets

Recycle the bed sweat you dread nightly with a 37.5 (Celcius) Sheet Performance set that gradually converts absorbed moisture into a vapor that regulates body temperature and reduces the need to flip the pillow over and over.

sheets in bed

Image via Stocksnap under license CC0

Rise and Shine

Hit the sack with your mind at ease, knowing that the Crane + Canopy Nova Duvet cover lightens the chore of making the bed in the morning.  The design combines the duvet cover and flat sheet, shortening the time needed to straighten up and start fresh by 80 percent.

Bedroom interior in modern style, 3d images

Haute Pajamas

Fashion’s most influential arbiters currently rave about the “pajama look” that dispels previous notions about how to work the pre-dawn walk of shame. Suddenly, it’s stylish to stroll out for breakfast wearing little else than what looks like your boyfriend’s shirt. Labels like For Restless Sleepers defy explanations of how, when or where you slept.

fashionable sleep