Readers find much camaraderie through the various outlets available in the virtual world. From blogs to groups to Facebook pages and Twitter hashtags, the literary world is at the tip of one’s fingers. The world of Instagram has embraced the literary as well. Here are five IG accounts completely worth a look at.

1. Subway Book Review

Ever wondered what your fellow subway passenger was reading? Now you don’t have to. The account’s creator, Uli Beutter Cohen, found that the New York subway system is a “literary microcosm,” to use her words. She decided to start asking passengers what they were reading and if they were willing to give a short review of the book. Thus, Subway Book Review was born. You’ll find everything from the traditionally published to the self-published, literary to children’s lit to nonfiction, chick lit and beyond.

2. Book Riot

The writers and editors at the Book Riot blog want you to know what they’re reading, what they’re doing and how they should be (but they’re reading instead) spending their time. Everything from pictures of pets with books to memes that every book nerd can relate to is found on the Book Riot IG account.

3. Book Baristas

Miami based blogger Natasha gives us the best of books and brews as she leads you through her literary journey. She’ll show you what she’s reading and what she’s drinking—usually coffee, but she’s privy to something stronger every now and then as well. She’ll give you a glimpse of the picturesque locations where she enjoys a good read and lead you through a local bookstore. She also provides book reviews and takes review requests.

4. Make Blackout Poetry

Is poetry more your thing? This innovative account spotlights the ability to make poetry out of a page of words. By taking a page from a book and “blacking out” most of it, the inspirational lines of hidden poetry emerge.

5. Hot Dudes Reading

There’s really nothing better than a good looking man engrossed in an old-fashioned book. This community-based, no-kindles-allowed page feels the same way. Literary fans can browse this page for a look at NYC’s plethora of literary eye candy. Have you recently spotted a good looking man in the coffee shop? Snap a photo of him and submit it to the page so more can enjoy.