front squat

Dear cardio, your days are numbered. While it doesn’t hurt to throw in a quick run or a warm-up on the elliptical here and there, people are finally catching on to the magic of lifting weights to stay lean, strong, and healthy. It’s simple, really: muscle burns more calories than fat, and it also takes up less space than fat. Therefore, the goal should be to have more muscle. And how do we do that?

All together now: lifting weights!

Even some of your favorite Hollywood celebrities have jumped on the gains train and started picking up some heavier weights in the gym. Yes, they have resources that most of us don’t — chefs, nutrition coaches, meal prep companies, and things of that nature. But they’re still just like you and me, and there’s a reason they’ve swapped a five-mile run on the treadmill for heavy back squats.

If you need a little more inspiration to go heavy at the gym, here are just a few badass celebrities who lift weights.

1. Kate Upton

Who said lifting weights makes you bulky?! Kate Upton is known for her feminine, curvaceous figure; and do you know how she stays in such fantastic shape? I’ll give you one hint: it doesn’t involve the stationary bike. Strong women are beautiful.

@kateupton supersets heavy landmine reverse lunges with some equally impressive dance moves. Strong! 💪💃

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2. Demi Lovato

Lovato has certainly become a voice for women. After battling substance abuse and body images issues, she’s now on the right track and has been very vocal about her desire to lead a healthy, positive life. She often shares her adventures at the gym on Instagram, like these heavy squats in the rack. We must say, Lovato is looking smokin’ hot!

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3. Khloe Kardashian

People weren’t always very nice to little miss Khloe Kardashian. For many years, she was known as the fat sister, although she never was. Regardless, she turned a negative into a positive, and found a great love in fitness. She’s said before that it’s her therapy, and let’s be honest: it ain’t bad for her figure, either. While Kardashian was always beautiful, we can’t deny that in all her strong and curvy awesomeness, she’s major #bodygoals.

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4. Chelsea Handler

She’s sharp, witty, and makes us laugh until our stomaches hurt; but that’s not all Handler is about. She’s also a beast in the gym. These hip thrusts are no laughing matter — super tough, but the perfect workout for a bigger booty. Handler doesn’t mess around with the weights, either. Go big or go home!

ChelseaDoes@benbrunotraining. He’s a monkey

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5. Victoria’s Secret Angels

The secret is out. If you think that all of the angels are just naturally thin, well… some of them might be. But there are definitely others who have to work for it. These ladies break a sweat in the weight room so they can look flawless on the catwalk. Never dismiss the hard work that goes into modeling!