Dita Von Teese

With Dita Von Teese’s track record of arriving at events polished and perfected, beauty-conscious women around the world would be silly not to snag her new book, Your Beauty Mark, as quickly as they can say, “red lips.” In fact, anyone who appreciates fashion, photography and art will instantly be inspired by page after page of stunning Dita Von Teese glamour. Von Teese is once again inspiring women around the world and encouraging them to express themselves, amp up the glam and celebrate her own unique sensuality. For most, this would be challenging on the daily. But, there’s no better holiday to test out Dita Von Teese’s beauty tips than on New Year’s Eve. Emulate her burlesque bombshell style by focusing on these five beauty areas on the most glamorous evening of the year.




A major Dita Von Teese signature feature is her jet black, curled coif. According to Von Teese, one of the first things noticed about people is their face and hair; therefore, there’s no excuse for neglected, undone locks. Yes, it takes bobby pins, clamps, hot rollers, rats, curling irons, clips and more to obtain these head-turning waves and that volume. So, leave yourself some extra time and set that glammed up mane first. Don’t trust yourself? Blowout salons are popping up everywhere these days, even in small towns, so grab a Dita Von Teese glamour shot and have a professional get you that pin-up pretty look in time for the ball drop.


Von Teese may place major importance on her hair, but what she’s probably most known for are those consistently bold, red lips that exude confidence. Follow her beauty lead this New Year’s Eve and paint that kisser up. Not sure exactly which bold hue to choose? Good news, the beauty queen has recently collaborated again with MAC Cosmetics to create the perfect, crimson, Dita Von Teese lipstick. Those without steady hands can simply have the MAC counter divas perfect the application of your new lipstick for you upon purchase.


Ever notice the porcelain doll look of Dita Von Teese’s skin? Thought so. Not many can achieve the soft, matte complexion of this forever stage-ready, burlesque star. However, it’s an important goal to accomplish if daring to bare more rather than less skin this New Year’s Eve. There are endless Dita Von Teese beauty tips and makeup suggestions in her new book that can give you a step-by-step tutorial for a killer foundation. But start with the obvious requirements for your skin: enough beauty rest each night, plenty of water, a great concealer and the perfect powder reapplied throughout the evening and into 2016. Don’t forget your décolletage, arms and even legs. It’s all part of the polished, party package.


A stage performance may not be booked on December 31st, but be sure to celebrate yourself and the year accomplished with an extravagant amount of hair and makeup time and you’ll feel like the star of the evening. Add excitement to arrival with a new, never-before-seen look that’s feathered, jeweled, sparkled or corseted. The last night of the year is the public’s last look at you and the most appropriate time for your stand-out style. Make it count, make it memorable and most of all, make it fun. Start with working out well in advance and eating clean to prep the body. Then rock the full Dita Von Teese glamour wardrobe worthy of being on the pages of Your Beauty Mark.



Yes, this all requires time and preparation, but every woman is worth the self-indulgence and confidence it creates, especially when wishing to end one year at the top and begin the next one new and improved. So, spoil yourself, ladies, and remember that nothing says glamour like coiffed hair, a powdered nose, a major ensemble and a red-lipped smile. You can thank Dita for the inspiration after Auld Lang Syne.