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There’s an old saying, ‘if you can’t tone it, tan it’ and if you’re anything like me (a junk food addict) your summer body goals may not have been achieved as quickly as you would have liked. I’m all about using tricks to up my confidence whenever possible, so I started contouring using makeup to define my features. I started out by contouring my face and graduated to contouring my cleavage and collarbones on special occasions to make them pop! For a more ‘I woke up like this’ look, learn now just how to contour your face and body with self-tanner so you can look flawless all summer long, no makeup necessary!

First things first: shower, exfoliate, and moisturize your body. Apply a light- to medium-colored self-tanning mousse all over your face and body. (If you’re already a bronzed-goddess feel free to skip that last part.)



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Use a contouring makeup brush to apply your favorite dark self-tanning mousse in the shape of a ‘3’ on your face. Start by applying a small amount of mousse onto your brush (my all-time favorite self-tan is the Loving Tan Express Mousse) and dabbing the excess product onto a piece of tissue or paper towel so you don’t use too much product. Place the brush along your natural cheekbones and apply the product, making sure to blend well so you aren’t left with any harsh lines. Then, drag the product along your jawline to create the appearance of a stronger jaw. Lastly, apply mousse around the edges of your forehead – be careful not to go too close to your hairline, especially if you have light hair. Don’t forget to do lots of blending with both the brush and your fingers to ensure a flawless finish.



Use the same contouring brush to apply mousse to your cleavage. Simply follow the natural lines of your body. You should be applying the product in between and on top of your breasts in the shape of a ‘Y’ to accentuate your natural shape. Next, apply tan just above and just below your collarbones to make them pop. I also like to apply contour to the front of my shoulders in a circle shape. Again, make sure to blend everything so there are no visible lines, only soft shadows.



Lift your knee up, (I like to bend my leg and place it on the bathroom counter) and examine the way your muscles naturally look. Follow the lines of your legs along your inner and outer thigh. The line on your inner thigh should be slightly curved into your leg and the line on the outside of your leg should be straight. For best results, use a large mirror so you can see how the finished product will look full-scale.



Draw a vertical line down the center of your stomach, from your sternum to your bellybutton. Next, draw horizontal lines across your stomache to create the appearance of abs! Blend, blend, blend!



Apply self-tanner to the bottom of your butt cheeks in a half circle shape, this will add shadow and will create the appearance of a lifted bum!