We believe that every individual has the ability to make a difference in our world, and we want to give our readers a chance to bring attention to a cause important to them.

Every month, you can submit the charity of your choice (detailed instructions at the end of this post). Tell us what the charity is about, why it is important to you, and anything else you feel is important to share with us – we want to know all about it!

Your submissions will be reviewed by bestselling author Sylvia Day and she will select one to personally contribute to for the month. The selected charity will be featured in the next month’s Day it Forward to bring more awareness to its cause and allow for readers of Beyond Words to learn about and possibly donate to help its cause, too.

One of the charities chosen for the month of March is Families4Fauqier, submitted by Rachel Pierce. Here is her submission:

My charity is Families4Fauquier. It’s important to me to help others in little ways that can really add up big! We offer families in the Fauquier community and beyond ways to help make our community better and help spread cheer to others such as our military hero[e]s at Walter Reed Medical Facility, local senior citizens, special needs children and Foster Care children.

Sylvia will be donating $750 to Families4Fauquier and you can donate, too, here.

Sylvia has also selected the NEA Foundation. (From the NEA Foundation’s Mission Statement):

nea foundation logo

The NEA Foundation, through the unique strength of its partnership with educators, advances student achievement by investing in public education that will prepare each of America’s children to learn and thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Sylvia will be donating $750 to the NEA foundation and you can donate, too, here.

If you would like to submit a charity to Day it Forward for the month of March, please send submissions by March 25th, 2017 to contact@beyondwords.life with the subject line “April 2017 Day it Forward”.