Despite the glamorous appeal that travel brings, looking great while seeing the world is a difficult proposition. Furthermore, packing the perfect accessories for the trip can be just as difficult as the traveling itself. Why can’t accessories be functional and good looking at the same time?

Even after hours of flying, there’s no reason modern travelers should not look their best. Before you begin packing for your next trip, here are the five fashionable items you need to look your best, no matter your next destination.


Vests are in season once again, creating a fashionable look for every traveler. With 18 strategically placed pockets, the SCOTTeVest RFID Travel Vest is the perfect outerwear garment that combines both fashion and function. With secure pockets both on the inside and outside, this unique piece allows those constantly on the go to carry everything they would ever need without sacrificing their look. If vests don’t fit your fancy, the company also offers a full line of outerwear for the discerning traveler, including cardigan sweaters, trenchcoats, and even hoodies.

The Scarf Multi-Tool

When seeing the world, it is always better to travel light with multi-functional items, than traveling heavy with those items you may never use. To this end, an oversized scarf can not only be a perfect accessory, but also a multi-purpose tool as well. The oversized Check and Striped Scarf from Zara measures more like a small blanket, but serves many different purposes. With a little ingenuity, this scarf can double as a handbag, a head cover, or even a fashion-forward tie down.

The Perfect Tote

Even with its multipurpose functionality, a scarf can’t always replace the fashionable function of a tote bag. Don’t pack your bags with more bags – instead, save space and time with the foldable tote! The Tory Burch Ella Packable Tote not only looks good, but can be folded flat for easy storage and transportation. When you need an extra bag, simply unfold and be on your way with a fashionable carry-all.

Your Personal Travel Blanket

When traveling overnight, the last thing anybody wants is a blanket that has been used by potentially hundreds of travelers. The Grand Truck Bamboo Travel Blanket offers the best of all worlds: a personal-sized blanket that is naturally soft, temperature regulating, and perfectly packable in its own case. As an added bonus, the Grand Trunk Bamboo travel blanket has a foot pocket – keeping you tucked in on even the longest trips.

The Minimergency Kit

After hours upon hours on an aircraft or train, there is nothing more many travelers want than the opportunity to stop down and refresh. However, when customs needs to be cleared and luggage claimed, stopping for a little “me” time may take a backseat. This is where the Minimergency Kit comes in. Available for him and her, these kits keep travelers looking great wherever they go. With everything inside under three ounces, the kits are TSA friendly, too!