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Looking amazing isn’t always as easy as it seems, between makeup stains, vintage smell, and nip slips. There’s no shame in needing a little extra help keeping everything looking right. Avoid a fashion faux pas by adopting some of the tips and tricks collected from fashion it girls all over the world. Here are 12 fashion hacks all ladies should know how to accomplish.

1. To Hold Your Chest Up in a Revealing Dress or Top

Duct tape is a fashionista’s best-kept secret. Even Kim Kardashian uses this hack! Apply a large strip of duct tape starting under one of your breasts. Then, pull the tape up around your neck, and attach the other end to your other breast, making sure to lift before securing the tape. This will give you the ultimate push-up look, it’s cheap to pull off, duct tape is incredibly secure, and it’s easy to hide under even the most revealing outfit.

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2. To Remove Deodorant Stains From Clothing

We love wearing dark colors up top. What we don’t love is the crusty white residue left over from deodorant. Sometimes, these crumbs will stick around even after a cycle in the washing machine. To remove them, rub the deodorant stain out with a pair of jeans or anything else that’s denim. The rough material of the jeans will take the deodorant mark out of your shirt, so it’ll look good as new.

3. To Remove Yellow Sweat Stains From Clothing

On the flipside, white shirts are an excellent choice too! But what happens if, on an especially hot or stressful day, those nasty sweat stains just won’t come out of your top? Fashion hacks to the rescue! Simply spritz the affected area with a little bit of lemon juice before throwing the piece in the washing machine. The lemon juice will pull the stain right out of your clothing.


4. To Reduce That “Old” Smell From Vintage Pieces

If you’ve ever bought an amazing vintage piece or you’ve scoured through your mom’s favorite clothes from back in the day, you know the horrible smell of old clothing. No washing machine stands a chance against that stench, but there is a solution. Simply mix one part water and one part vodka, and spray the mixture over your clothing. And don’t worry — the smell is totally neutral.)

5. To Loosen Tight Shoes

This has happened to me so many times when ordering shoes online. Before you return them, though, try this easy fashion trick. To stretch your shoes, throw on an extra pair of socks or two, put your feet in your shoes, and blast them with a hair dryer to loosen the material. Wait until they cool before removing them so they can stretch to your foot.

Another method is to fill plastic bags with water, put them in your shoes, and place them in the freezer until the water freezes, stretching your shoes in the process. This works because water expands when it freezes. Pretty cool, right?

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6. To Tame a Pesky Collar

Nothing makes an otherwise crisp and sophisticated shirt look sloppy and unprofessional. This one is a quick fix, though. Apply some double-sided tape to the inside of the collar of your shirt and press down against the shirt to keep everything in place.

7. To Reduce Thigh Chafing

Beyonce’s stylist, Zerina Akers, recently revealed her tip to reducing thigh chafing is to apply a little baby powder to your hands and pat it between your thighs. You’ll only need a small amount, so no need to worry about excess powder getting everywhere. So simple and inexpensive!

8. To Reduce the Smell of Sweaty Shoes

While keeping the outside of your shoes clean is fairly straightforward, the inside of your shoes is another story entirely. To combat gross odors, one of our go-to fashion hacks is to cover the inside of our shoes in baking soda to prevent smelly feet. Similarly, you can apply a light dusting of baking soda to your feet before slipping them into your shoes. Baby powder will also work. Fine powders like these help to soak up the sweat and neutralize odors.

Another idea is to place tea bags in your shoes overnight to absorb the smell. Repeat as necessary.

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9. To Stop a Run in Your Tights

This is the worst! Once you get a run, it seems like there’s no stopping it. What’s a gal to do, other than toss the tights in the garbage? Fortunately, there are a couple of fashion hacks for this one. First, you can spray your tights with hairspray to prevent runs and holes in them. This will keep the material from fraying or unraveling.

One other thing you can do is dab a very small amount of clear nail polish onto the ends of the runs in your tights. It will dry hard and prevent any further tearing. While it may not be a permanent solution — most of us don’t want to walk around with nail polish on our tights and nylons, especially if it’s in an obvious area – it will, at the very least, stop it from getting worse.

10. To Remove Makeup From Clothing

Who knew removing makeup from your clothing is as easy as removing makeup from your face? Lightly rub a makeup-removing wipe against a stain on your clothes as soon as the stain happens to prevent it from ruining your pieces permanently.

11. To Hide Your Bra Straps in a Racerback Top

Pesky bra straps are enough to throw off even the cutest top. Get them out of the way and totally hidden using nothing but a paper clip. Weave the bra straps into the clip and voila — straps no more! The paper clip is surprisingly comfortable, too. (If you want a legit bra strap clip, you can find them here on Amazon.)

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12. To Prevent Blisters From Your Shoes

We love this hack from Who What Wear. To prevent blisters on your feet, rub clear gel deodorant on them, let them dry, and you’re good to go. The deodorant provides both a barrier and just enough lubrication to keep your skin protected.

Have you tried any of these fashion hacks before? Which one do you like the best? Drop us a comment and let us know!