There’s nothing like settling down to your favorite TV show after a long day. You might not think your preferences are too telling about who you are as a person. After all, you just like what you like, right? You’re probably more invested in the plot than self-analysis anyway.

But your television or computer screen may actually be the window to your soul. What – did you think it was your eyes? Nothing’s more telling about who we are than what we’re into.

The Big Bang Theory

You’re chock-full of quirkiness. You probably relate highly to the characters for their unique interests and sometimes-bizarre personalities. Maybe you’re really into Bavarian history, read up on archeology, know everything about baseball statistics, play every role playing game released or know more about rodent breeding than your average Joe. People give you funny looks when you go off about your favorite obscure topic. But you’re also loveable for your quirks, loyal to your friends and not afraid to have a good time with your buddies, even if that means a chill night staying in and playing some video games.

Game of Thrones

You’re the fearless sort. Every time you turn on your favorite show, you get to stare death right in the face. Your favorite character (or six) may have died horrible, gruesome deaths, but you keep on trucking because nothing’s going to stop you from enjoying an intense story with tons of intrigue. You’re the type of person who picks up and moves forward quickly when things get sad and difficult. You’re not afraid to admit that life can get gritty, but you face it without fear anyhow.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

You resist being boxed into just one category, and you recognize that fitting into this category is extremely ironic. You sit down to the television or computer and you want it all: romance, spies, hackers, super heroes, humor, action, conspiracies and a red flying car named Lola. Just as this show can juggle it all, so can you. You’re the type who likes sports, comic books, nature and computers. You manage to fill many roles in life. You have friends across the spectrum, and something you’re unfamiliar with is just a new challenge waiting to be tackled.

House of Cards

You’re the serious type who likes to stay informed. You’ve got a head for politics, public policy and are a complete news hound. To you, there’s nothing better than being up-to-date on the latest election happenings, even if it’s for district alderman half the state away. You also veer on the intense side of things, and aren’t afraid of a good revenge story. Any day justice is served is a good day in your book, like the time you ate all your roommate’s food because they were hogging the bathroom too much.


You are very motivated by success. You love to watch it and love to root for those who are trying to manage it. Your favorite book might even be Lean In. Your greatest dream is to own a multi-million dollar company of some variety, if you don’t already. If you do, you’d like a second one. But success comes with its complications, not that you’re averse to facing those head on. You’re the strong, driven type who can meet any challenge. Your hobbies involve scheming to make your millions, and you’d totally make a great guest on “Shark Tank.” Whether you want to invent the world’s comfiest slippers or make it big in music, you won’t stop until you’ve lived your dreams.

Person of Interest

You love to solve problems and are the last person to shy away from complexity. Technology is second nature to you. But you also love “odd couple” dynamics and know the value of a team with diverse backgrounds coming together to solve the trickiest of problems. You may be the type who loves to hunt down crowdsourced technological, scientific and math problems, or at least highly respect those who do. You keep up on the latest science and technology news and have plans to build your own super computer one day. And it shall help police the world.