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I think as far as beauty mistakes women make, in general, it boils down to the time they take to buy it and apply it. Specifically, there are a few mistakes I see women make on a daily basis, some with pretty simple fixes. But, everyone is in such a hurry and they miss those couple extra moments to sit down with an artist and learn from them.

With makeup being a beauty standard, women are now starting to take more notice and advice from the professionals, although that advice and the time of an experienced artist costs money. These are some of the biggest makeup mistakes I see almost every day, and I’m giving them to you free of charge 🙂


1. Foundation not matching your skin tone

Regardless of if you want to look tanner, you do not like your skin tone or you are trying to hide dark circles or dark spots, everyone should get a color that is correct for them. Spending some time asking questions and trying products on in a makeup-based store will save you many headaches and over time will save you money. Makeup artists are trained in those products and deal with different skin types and tones day in and day out.

The best way to find a great foundation is to pay attention to what your skin does during the day. Is your skin oily, dry or a combo of both? Then the formula comes into play – do you prefer powder, cream or liquid?

The best way to color match is not on your hand or chin but along your forehead and down into the neck. Pay attention to the neck tone – is it warmer and more pink, or cooler and more yellow? Does it pull a reddish or green tone? All of these questions and concerns need to be addressed, and every person wearing makeup has different needs. You will only know the answers to them all if you go to an artist or consult a makeup line that has trained professionals in their arsenal. If you don’t happen to gel with that artist, nicely ask for another artist to help you. We only get what we want if we are polite and inquisitive and that goes for makeup shopping as well.

2. Dry skin

No foundation or combo of products will look good if your skin is dry or not taken care of properly! So invest in good cleaning products, a good moisturizer, eye cream and exfoliator, either in the form of a buff pad, Clarisonic or volcanic ash exfoliator. They do not have to be expensive but they should have benefitting ingredients in them.

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I am a huge fan of simple solutions like drinking more water and putting coconut oil on my face, hair and body every day. I even take my makeup off with coconut oil. Trader Joe’s coconut oil (for only about $5) is the best investment one can make; I keep one in the bathroom and one in the kitchen.

3. Not cleaning your brushes

You cannot have pretty, long-lasting makeup with good skin if you do not take care of your tools, especially any brush or sponge that touches a cream or liquid. I suggest using MAC’S brush cleaner with a paper towel daily; but along with that, I highly recommend cleaning them weekly with warm to hot water and a gentle liquid hand soap or baby shampoo. Lay them flat and let them air dry overnight. Pro sponges and beauty blenders need to be cleaned after every use. That extra time here is not only recommended but mandatory for your overall skin health and makeup looks. Makeup Artists are only as good as their brushes are clean.

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4. Too much bronzer and too much blush

Now don’t get me wrong, I love love love blush and bronzer but a little goes a long way. Bronzer should go on after your powder and use it to shade the face and add warmth. Also blend it into your neck; the chin shields the sun from your neck so go ahead and blend a little bronzer there.

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Bronzer should be a nice golden yellow tone for lighter complexions and a little reddish for darker complexions. Use a big fluffy brush to apply a small amount first.

Blush should be applied in a dabbing or circular motion, not a sweeping back to the temple motion. Try using a small fluffy brush with an angle. Blush color depends on your skin tone, lip or eye colors being used. You can use many different shades, shiny or matte or you can mix a couple of different shades. Start with the blush color in between the apples of the cheek and the hollows of your cheek.

5. Black eyeliner in just the water line

I am a huge fan of black eyeliner – pencil, cream, gel, liquid, etc. If it’s black, I want it! It just looks very harsh if it’s not blended with an eyeshadow or softened with a brown bronzy eyeliner or another color.

woman applying black eyeliner waterline

My favorite way to wear a black pencil eyeliner in the water line is by setting it with a black eyeshadow and blending the eyeliner into the lash line and just below. I blend out the black shadow with another color as well, so the look is more of a faded smokey rather than a harsh line.


Tiana Holiday is a professional makeup artist with 17+ years experience in the industry working with celebrities, on music videos and commercials, weddings, private clients, photoshoots and fitness models. She is the owner of Tiana Rae Artistry.

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Tiana Holiday