colorful flowers

Incorporating flowers into special events like baby showers, weddings, and anniversaries is nothing new. And these days, florals get a lot of social media love thanks to big names like Beyonce and Kimye. Like most other things in life, though, the trend is coming and going and taking all kinds of shapes. Floral walls looked to be the new “it” thing after Kim K. and Kanye showcased their epic peony-covered backdrop at their 2014 wedding. There’s a new trend in town, though: flower chandeliers. You heard it right. Regular chandeliers are out. Floral chandeliers are in.

True: they’re not totally, 100% new. Wedding pros have been hanging flowers from ceilings for quite some time. But the gorgeous floral feature has experienced a bit of a renaissance lately; and now, floral chandeliers are popping up at weddings all across the world. Check out the gorgeous photos below.

What flowers would you use for your floral chandelier? Let us know in the comments!