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Big luscious lips are the trend that just won’t go away! If you haven’t jumped on board already, now’s the time, and late is better than never, right? We’ve rounded up a few tips and tricks to getting the fuller lips you’ve always wanted, sans lip injections.

Fullips Lip Enhancement Tool

If you’re still traumatized by the Kylie Jenner lip challenge – sucking on various round objects like bottle caps and cups and ending up with bruised, swollen lips – allow the Fullips Lip Enhancement Tool to put your mind at ease.

While the technique of Kylie’s challenge is similar to that of Fullips Lip Enhancement’s, the tools are completely different. Fullips’ tool has a thick outer rim that won’t cause any bruising or injury and was created to increase the size and volume of your lips without any procedures or products and comes in three sizes. Simply exfoliate your lips using a washcloth or toothbrush, then wet the area around your mouth to provide extra suction. (For this step, I like to use a lip balm on my lips and a little over the lip line as well because I use the tool after my face makeup is complete!) Place the enhancer over your mouth and suck in short puffs of air to create suction. Let your lips pull into the enhancer and keep the tool in place for 15-30 seconds at a time, repeating the suction process until your lips are as full as you like. Be sure to start slowly and gently to prevent damage to your lips – small increments are key! The results generally last 1-2 hours.

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Lip Plumping Glosses

Lip plumping glosses have been on the market for years, and now almost every brand, including drugstore and high-end, has their own version. Ingredients like cinnamon oil, menthol, capsaicin (basically hot peppers), caffeine, and niacin all work to make your blood rush to the surface of your lips, making them swell and appear larger. Our favorite lip plumping glosses are Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Lip Booster, Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme, and NYX Pump It Up Lip Plumper.

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Create a DIY Lip Plumper

Did you notice that most of the active ingredients in store-bought lip plumpers can be duplicated at home? By replacing cinnamon oil with the cinnamon powder you have at home, and the menthol with peppermint oil, you can easily create your own DIY lip plumper. Here’s how: start with a base – you can use vitamin E oil, olive oil, almond oil, Vaseline, shea butter, beeswax, or coconut oil. You can also use a lip product that you already own as the base. Next, you’ll need to mix in the active ingredient (the ingredient that will make your lips plump). These could be ground cinnamon or cinnamon oil, crushed cayenne pepper, peppermint essential oil, or black pepper. I’ve experienced best plumping results using cinnamon or cayenne, or both. Be cautious of any allergies you may have and use common sense before creating and using any DIY products.

Contour Your Lips with Makeup

Lip contouring is a great way to get fuller lips because, chances are, you have everything you need to pull off a good lip contour right in your makeup bag already. Start by applying concealer all over your lips; this will blur your natural lip line and will create an even base to work with. Then, slightly overline your lips using your favorite lip liner, and especially focus on the center of both lips. Next, using the same lip liner, create contour lines that mock the natural wrinkles in your lips (see below image). Lastly, blend everything together using your favorite lipstick. If you find the contouring has blended too much, go back in with the lip liner and apply more lines on top of your lipstick and blend it again (you can use your finger).

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