Can you even remember a time when the front-facing camera didn’t exist? In today’s world, it’s hard to come across someone who doesn’t know what a selfie is, or hasn’t taken one (or two… or three…or 1,000) themselves. Whether you’re taking a selfie to show off your new spring-do (which is what I did), or simply because you look picture-worthy good, these tips will help you put your best face forward!

Tip #1: Clean your camera lens

Ladies if you’re reading this, I’m sure you can relate to impossible-to-wipe-off makeup that gets smudged everywhere — especially your phone. I often find myself asking to use my guy’s phone, just because I swear his camera is that much clearer than mine (even though we both have the same phone). To get your best selfie, you’ll need the clearest quality photo. So first thing’s first, give you lens a good wipe down.

Tip #2: Have great lighting that’s in front of you

Amazing lighting is what’s going to make or break your selfie. Be sure to keep the light in front of you, and focus on natural light for the best results. For my selfies, I simply stood in front of my patio door to get the right light.

Joy Dyer Selfie

Tip #3: Find the sweet spot

This requires a bit of moving around. Although you might have great lighting in front of you, it might not always translate well onto your selfie. I always like to tap the screen on my iPhone so the camera knows just where to focus, and the light is well-balanced and not sitting brightly behind me.

Tip #4: Don’t drown in your background

Of course, your face should be the main focus of your “selfie”, so be sure you’re not competing with a distracting background (such as a messy bedroom or a place with a lot of activity/people behind you) and find a background that will compliment you. Alternatively, sometimes a cute background will make your selfie that much better and make you want to pull out your phone to take one in the first place (think: a cute, dainty café or a decorative wall mural).

Tip #5: Chin down, phone up

To ensure those features look as steamlined as possible, remember to keep your chin down, and hold your camera slightly higher than face level for an easy, simple contour.

Tip #6: Work your best angles

If your left profile is your best profile (like it is for me), then by all means, you’ll want your selfie to capture that side of your face! If you struggle with getting a good full-frontal face selfie, then find your own “duck face”, which is any kind of pout that will create the illusion of cheekbones and a more symmetrical-looking, confident face.

Joy Dyer Selfie

Tip #7: Look at yourself, not the camera

I find that when I look at myself on the screen when I’m taking a selfie, rather than at the camera lens, the end result ends up looking more natural and my eyes look more relaxed, rather than staged. This is the same reason why, even though the resolution is much clearer, I choose to stay away from the back-camera.

Tip #8: Do whatever you need to feel confident

The best selfies are taken when you feel your best. So whether you need to throw some waves in your hair and put highlighter on, or grab that adorable new sun hat and off-the-shoulder top you just bought, do it! There are no hard and fast rules with this one. Whatever you feel like you need to do that will boost your confidence, is what you should do. I even find myself throwing my hand on my head (like I did below) just because it feels more natural to me and helps take away any awkard-ness I might be feeling mid-selfie.

Tip #9: Embrace your signature pose

Chances are, if you don’t know what your signature pose is, your friends will be able to tell you. Whether that’s a huge, beautiful teethy smile, puckered lips, or eyes that smize, keep to it and rock it! This is your selfie after all, and you want it to be undeniably you.

Tip #10: Edit to perfection

There’s nothing wrong with getting a little help, or as I like to call it “adding some juice” to your photos. If there’s one app you want to be using for your selfies, and one app alone, it’s Facetune. Some of the features include blemish eraser, whitening, clone stamp (patch tool), detail highlighting, and more. I personally love to use the detail tool to make my eyes or other little detail, like my necklace or arm candy, pop ever so slightly in my selfies. Trust me, it makes a world of difference!