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Planning a girls’ trip can be a lot of hard work and effort, which can deter many from taking trips in the first place. In the spirit of having more vacations and more fun, we’ve put together a list of trip-planning essentials to use the next time you’re desperately needing a little getaway with the girls.


Pinterest it

Every great trip begins with Pinterest- heck, every great day begins with Pinterest if you’re a real addict (guilty). The app is an abundant resource for just about everything you need to know about anything, be it crafts, fashion, food, and – yes –  travel. I like to reference Pinterest before a trip for travel guides, packing tips, organizational hacks, and outfit ideas.


Do some Instagram research

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Instagram is full of Influencers with stunning feeds, perfect outfits, delicious meals, and some seriously enviable lives. Influencers utilize geotags to attract more followers from their area, but geotags can be used the opposite way, to research the best places to eat, shop, stay, and take pictures! Simply search your location (ex. Miami Beach) and tap ‘Places’ and all sorts of pictures will come up that have been taken in that location. If you do some scrolling you’ll come across beautiful photos in all of the best places around your destination. Another thing I like to do on Instagram for trip-planning is look up specific restaurants to see pictures from real people of the food and atmosphere.


Use Travefy

The first time I used Travefy it took me a few minutes to navigate the site and play around with the features, but I could immediately tell it’s probably one of the most useful and comprehensive travel-planning sites on the internet! On Travefy you can culminate info for your flights, bookings, excursions, and travel documents. You can invite members to view and edit your plans, manage RSVP’s, and have group discussions and polls. There’s also a feature to discover places to stay, things to eat, and activities to do; all you have to do is enter a location and voila! Travefy also works to document expenses (which you can list and itemize so everyone knows where their share of the costs are going) and it can even split and collect money from trip-goers via PayPal.


Book an AirBnB

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While some people like the idea of staying in hotels, I enjoy living like a local in the places I travel to, and that starts with staying in an Airbnb. Airbnb’s are perfect for girl’s getaways because everyone can stay in one place, rather than potentially having to split up in separate hotel rooms across separate floors. Airbnb’s are also generally less expensive than staying in hotels! I also like that there’s the option to cook in an Airbnb, which can save money and actually be a fun thing to do as a group!


Opt for a Staycation

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Cost can be a major roadblock in frequently having amazing times with your girlfriends, so keeping the budget manageable for all is key. The best way to keep expenses down is by having a staycation instead of going out of town. If you’re anything like me, you probably don’t explore your hometown or the places surrounding it often enough. It can be super fun to try restaurants and experiences around where you live that you might pass by daily but never step into. Choose to stay at one of your girls’ houses or spring for a hotel or Airbnb! A staycation will instantly save money since you won’t need flights, currency exchange, and so much more.


Swipe with Friends on Tinder

Tinder isn’t just for hookups or reconnecting with a hometown fling anymore; there’s now an option to swipe with friends and connect with other groups! You can create a group on Tinder, post what you’d like to do (whether that be drinks, coffee, skydiving) and connect with other groups that would like to do the same. A giant group-chat and adventure ensues, making this the perfect app to use on a girls’ trip if you’re looking to get some fun recommendations from locals or connect with other travelers!


Download the OurCam App

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OurCam is a collaborative app where the pictures you take are instantly uploaded to a group. Say goodbye to texting your friend a million times for that super cute photo of you on the beach and say hello to instant memories all in one place. People in your group also have the option to comment on individual photos – so everyone in the group is clear on what’s OK to post or not when you leave comments like ‘If anyone uploads this picture I’ll murder you.’ 🙂