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Have you been curious about the different ways that people are wearing their hair lately? It seems like this year, we’ve seen a shift from some safe, classical haircuts and styles to more creative alternatives, including unique coloring. Pushing the limits (even slightly) has become trendy, and we’ve noticed it from everyone between A-list celebs to our next door neighbors, leading to more new takes on old favorites as well as looks that are completely out of the box. Here are a few hair trends of 2016 that have taken over the beauty salons and our communities.

Alternatives to the Classic Bob

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Few styles scream female empowerment more than cutting off long locks, and the bob has been making waves in the sea of beauty since it became a trend in the 1920s. Lately, however, we are seeing fewer cuts that frame the front of the face and taper in the back, and a greater number of longer styles, known as the lob.

Sticking between the chin and shoulders adds a little flexibility for those not quite dedicated to taking the full plunge, like recently seen on Game Of Thrones star Emilia Clarke. Actress Julianne Hough’s slightly wavy bob with light layers is also a great style for anyone wishing shorter hair but looking to test the waters first.

Do you need some extra inspiration? Just look at any recent photo of Taylor Swift. The singer/songwriter has fully embraced the bob, whether shaggy or slicked back.

Bold Bangs

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Speaking of Taylor Swift, her bold, blunt bangs have received a lot of attention this year. While curly hair is a bit more difficult to work with, this is a hot look for people with straight strands on the medium to thick side. It also fits well with oval and square faces, and may be a desirable look for anyone who is okay with taking a bit more time in the morning to get just the right coif.

Long Layers

This look is adaptable, simple, and beautiful. Layers add volume and style all by themselves, minimizing the need for products and blow drying. They also keep long hair from appearing weighed down. And the best part is that anyone can rock them, especially since they are easily manageable. Over the last few years, we have seen more waves and bounce, especially a focus on curling hair at the ends. It is also popular to brighten layers with highlights and add extra dimension with lowlights.

Are you looking for photos to show your stylist at your next hair appointment? Look for any of Jennifer Aniston, who has made wearing long layers an art form, and some of the Dutchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton.


Have you started wondering if your friends are growing out their roots on purpose? Some may appear to wait longer between highlighting appointments; but if the graduation from dark roots to light tips seems too perfect, perhaps they’re really opting for an ombre color. Hair that starts dark and gradually lightens, or visa-verse, has been popular for a few years, especially in the blonde and brown hue ranges.

We are also seeing more extreme dark to bright transitions (or the other way around), especially those incorporating white blonde, reds, and blues.

Unnatural Colors

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Easily the most attention-grabbing trend of the year has been unnatural colors, like various metallics and denim blue. Singer Katie Perry has been one of the more adventurous celebrities to experiment with her hair and is a fan of “rainbow color,” including ranges of purple, like lilac.

While there is nothing subtle about unnatural colors, stylists have begun developing ways to make them look more organic, especially playing with softer hues and faint ombres. Then again, you may want to make your splash of color stand out. Dip dye hair (which literally looks like it’s been dipped in color) is a bold look for daring divas.