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Collagen may sound like some sort of anti-aging gimmick, but the truth is that collagen is one of the most prominent proteins found in our bodies. Collagen is found not just in our skin, but also in our muscles, bones, blood vessels, tendons, and our digestive system.

Here are some of the reasons collagen supplements have become extremely popular recently, and why you should consider taking them to improve your health, from the inside out!


Collagen improves digestion

Collagen soothes the lining in your stomach, heals damaged cells, and provides your body with essential amino acids. Those amino acids that come from increased collagen production helps to heal the lining of your digestive track through reducing inflammation and irritation within your body.


Collagen boosts your metabolism

Collagen boosts your metabolism by providing lean muscle mass and by allowing your body to properly absorb the nutrients you consume throughout the day. As we age, collagen levels naturally deplete in our bodies, but that’s when we need it the most. With increased collagen production,  our muscle mass increases, posture becomes better, our bones are stronger and we’re able to burn more calories – who doesn’t want that?


Collagen helps to curb your appetite

Collagen is the perfect meal replacement. The best part is is that collagen can be easily added to just about anything- I like putting a scoop in my coffee and smoothies in particular! A study actually found collagen to be more satisfying and filling than any other source of manufactured protein.


Collagen can reduce anxiety

Collagen contains glycine, an amino acid with major anti-anxiety properties. A lot of us don’t have enough glycine naturally in our system and low glycine levels can cause a lot of problems in our bodies, including anxiety. A simple dose of collagen can do wonders for not just our overall health, but our mental health as well.


Collagen promotes a good night’s sleep

The glycine found in collagen that helps to boost our mood can also help you sleep better at night. While you may think that collagen would make you drowsy because of that, you’d be wrong- collagen can also be used to help keep us awake and alert throughout the day.

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Collagen improves the health and the appearance of your skin

Collagen production begins to decrease as we age, due to pollution, excess sun exposure, etc. The decrease of that natural collagen production leaves us with wrinkles and poor elasticity. As we increase our levels of collagen through supplement intake, our skin can become firmer, smoother, and our skin cells care able to turnover normally, increasing the elasticity and circulation. Collagen has also been found to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite due to that increased skin cell turnover and the improved elasticity that comes with it.


Collagen helps to reduce joint pain

Collagen production isn’t just beneficial for our skin; it’s also essential to having healthy joints. When our bodies don’t produce enough collagen, our joints, tendons, and ligaments become swollen and stiff. Collagen helps to create a barrier that allows our joints to glide smoothly without pain.


Collagen is great for hair, teeth, and nail health

Collagen is most commonly known for it’s amazing effects on our physical appearance. While it’s great for our skin, it’s equally beneficial for our hair, teeth, and nails! Collagen protein is what makes up our nails, teeth, and hair. Supplements allow us to increase the natural production of collagen to strengthen our bodies. Collagen has even been found by the Journal of Investigative Dermatology to reverse the signs of hair loss.

Collagen naturally detoxes your body

Collagen works to detox your system, increase blood flow, and improve heart health by minimizing the damage that is done to your liver by toxins.