faberge egg

Doing your holiday shopping on a budget? Sorry, can’t help you there. But if you’ve got several tens of thousands of dollars to spare, how about this $45,000 Faberge egg pendant? Faberge released the Mosaic Multi-coloured Pendant, featuring princess cut sapphires, rubies, tsavorites, and white diamonds — all set in yellow gold. I know you’re wondering, and yes, the price includes shipping and insurance for delivery.

While most of us won’t be getting this gorgeous piece from Santa anytime soon (or… ever), it’s still fun to dream. This isn’t your average necklace, clearly, and can even be worn multiple ways. For instance, you can flip it around and wear it in the back, as pictured below.

Wouldn’t that look lovely will your favorite low-back dress?

Even though the price tag is giving me anxiety, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t find it beautiful. And while others certainly agree, some are simply curious.

What do you think of this Faberge egg? If you’re still shopping for friends and family and need creative gift ideas, visit Beyond Words for inspiration.

Main image: Faberge