holiday netfix movies beyond words

Baby, it’s cold outside. (Actually, it’s downright freezing.) As the festive season draws near, so do the dark, chilly evenings. Luckily, that exact combination gives us all an excuse to slip into the coziest pajamas, grab a warm duvet, and settle in for an epic Netflix binge. What’s more, the streaming site has a handful of holiday gifts that you don’t want to miss. Let’s take a look at the ‘so bad they’re actually good’ holiday films on Netflix you have to watch this year.

#1 – The Princess Switch 

Starring ‘High School Musical’ actor, Vanessa Hudgens, ‘The Princess Switch’ is a must-watch for Netflix and rom-com fans. In the vein of the Parent Trap and other life-swapping flicks, the movie sees two miraculously identical characters switch places and walk a mile in one another’s shoes. 

Hudgens plays both an adorable American baker and a British Princess in this wholesome and kooky comedy. The pair soon hatch a plan to swap lives for a couple of days to see how the other half live. You don’t need a crystal ball to predict what happens next, but the movie feels fresh enough to carry the time-old story.


#2 – Christmas Inheritance

Before bratty daddy’s girl, Ellen, can inherit the family business, her father sets her a seemingly simple task. She has to deliver a Christmas card to his former partner in the aptly named town, Snow Falls. When a snowstorm hits the region, she’s stranded with no money and no friends to turn to. For the first time in her life, Ellen has to start from scratch and find her way in the world without the help of her family. 


#3 – The Christmas Prince 

If you’re looking for a super soppy rom-com that may make you shed a tear, you’ve found it. The Christmas Prince is an absolute cheese-fest of a film, but don’t let that put you off. Despite the slightly predictable (okay, very predictable!) plot, there’s a lot of warmth here and you might find yourself watching the movie again and again. 


 #4 – The Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding 

The 2017 movie ‘The Christmas Prince’ was such a hit for the folks at Netflix that they decided to recreate the magic again this year. Yes, the sequel that we did not ask for ‘The Royal Wedding’ is already out on the streaming site. However, if you’re dying to get more of this cute couple in your life, it’s worth a watch.


#5 – The Christmas Chronicles 

If it’s your dream to see Kurt Russell playing Santa Claus (and it should be!), The Christmas Chronicles is the Netflix movie for you. While the flick starts with a heart-wrenching twist, which I won’t ruin for you, it soon picks up to a cheerier note. The film starts by introducing us to the Pierce family; Claire, Teddy, and Kate. Soon enough, the man in the red hat arrives and brings a whole load of the festive spirit with him. The kids find themselves on a magical sleigh ride across the US that turns out to be an adventure they’ll never forget.