Fall Candles Decorations

The chill of autumn is in the air even while the warmer tones of fall are here to cozy up our living spaces. Here’s a list of simple ways to bring the season indoors and spruce up your home with the accents of fall.


Make an Autumn Simmer Pot

Immerse your surroundings in the scents of the season by tossing some apples and cinnamon into a pot of hot water and simmering to create an inviting olfactory atmosphere. Periodically add water and feel free to experiment with fruits and spices of your choice for a warm welcome at every entrance.


apples and cinnamon



Wrap Your Favorite Candles

A super easy décor treat that can double as a hostess gift: scented candles. Well, sort of. Start with bought candles in thick, column shapes and use a ribbon and glue to surround them with cinnamon sticks for a fresh scent at every flame. The results are lovely to look at and sweet to the senses.


candle and cinnamon sticks



Press Flowers and Leaves

Stroll your yard or the local park to collect interesting fall foliage, berries, twigs, and flowers. Almost anything can be pressed if you stack enough heavy books, so get out those dictionaries and delicately place your flowers in the middle sections. Close, stack with more heavy books, and wait at least a week. Arrange your pressed treats on canvas, or board with a little glue, and you’ve made lovely objets-de art to decorate on an autumnal theme.


pressed flowers in a frame


Adjust Your Color Scheme

To switch up your home for autumn in the easiest way possible, simply add textiles in fall colors. This season’s interiors are going beyond the burnt oranges and espresso browns of past trends to add mauves, crisp whites, greys, and yellows to the palette.



colorful leaves


Most of the fun of interior design is to indulge your own personal visions about the spaces you inhabit. So just remember to keep it simple and use these basic guidelines to get your home into fashion in a weekend.